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The island has an area of about 1.7km2 and is located about 10 kilometers southeast of the main island of Curacao. This small bounty island attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year with its pristine beauty and natural splendor.

The only way to discover this little paradise is to join a Klein Curacao trip, an all-inclusive boat tour that takes you to the remote bounty island. This is always a day trip; there are no shorter trips or ferry services that go to Klein Curacao. Depending on the type of boat, you can estimate how long it takes to sail from Curacao to Klein Curacao. You can then also immediately see what a trip to Klein Curacao costs. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the azure sea stretching to the horizon, with the distinctive and iconic pink lighthouse towering high above the island and the imposing shipwreck that lies on the eastern shore

The island is known for its beautiful, untouched underwater world, so anyone who wants to go snorkeling on Klein Curacao will be treated to colorful coral reefs and an abundance of tropical fish. There is also a dive shop on the island. Diving on Klein Curacao is suitable for divers of any level.

The pearly white beach of Klein Curacao is a dream come true for beach lovers. The soft, powdery sandy beach stretches along the entire coastline, offering the perfect place to sunbathe, relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere of this secluded paradise. This is just a small sample of what there is to do on Klein Curacao.

So is Klein Curacao worth it? Klein Curacao is definitely a must-visit destination for travelers looking for an unforgettable experience in the Caribbean. It is an oasis of peace and beauty, where the natural splendor of the island and the surrounding waters will enchant you. Like La Bohème Curacao, Klein Curacao will amaze you with the beauty of life.

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Klein (Little) Curacao