Klein Curacao man en vrouw op het strand.

What does a trip to Klein Curacao cost?

A trip to Klein Curacao seems quite expensive at first glance. You should then quickly think of more than 100 euros per person. There are a number of reasons why this trip is quite expensive. The most important of these is that we take you to a desert island and actually want to give you the feeling that you are on a desert island. The number of available places is therefore very limited every day so that it never gets too busy on the island.

The second reason is that a trip to Klein Curacao always lasts all day and is always fully arranged. Included in the price you can count on breakfast, a BBQ lunch and an open bar throughout the day. Some trips even include alcoholic drinks. For trips where this is not the case, you can add the premium open bar to your reservation at an additional cost or pay for the alcoholic drinks per piece on the day itself.

And finally, the crossing takes more than an hour and is always on a special boat. This makes for a very special and beautiful addition to the whole experience. It is wonderfully comfortable on board and you will lack nothing.

The prices for a Klein Curacao trip start at €110 per person. This includes breakfast, BBQ lunch and an open bar all day. Borrowing masks with a snorkel is also included. However, there are no facilities available on Klein Curacao for these trips. You can also opt for a trip of €120 per person where there is a private beach house with sun beds and umbrellas on the island that you can use.

Klein (Little) Curacao