The coast and the lighthouse

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao

One of the things you really need to see when you visit Klein Curacao is the iconic, pink lighthouse. A lighthouse was first built on Klein Curacao in 1849, and this lighthouse was called the Prince Henry Lighthouse. Unfortunately, this lighthouse was destroyed during a hurricane in 1877. However, it was important for shipping that there would be a good lighthouse on Klein Curacao, which is why in 1877 they rebuilt the lighthouse immediately. Then this lighthouse was rebuilt again in 1913 and this lighthouse can also be seen today.


The lighthouse of Klein Curacao itself

If you would like to visit this special lighthouse on Klein Curacao, it is of course important that you know where it is located. You can find the lighthouse in the middle of the mini-island. The lighthouse is 20 meters high and still has an active status. This is because the island of Klein Curacao is flat, so ships can easily miss it and so is the famous shipwreck ended up on the island. Therefore, it is important to have a functioning lighthouse on this island. In 2018, they made another modification to the lighthouse. In fact, the iconic lighthouse now has an LED system that runs on solar energy! The lighthouse’s lamp flashes 2 times every 15 seconds and its range is 15 nautical miles. This is about 27,780 meters!


What is so special?

The reason this lighthouse is so special is first of all its distinctive appearance. Usually lighthouses are white or white with red stripes, for example. The lighthouse on Klein Curacao, however, has a pink appearance. Or rather, the lighthouse itself is white, but there are pink outbuildings around it. This makes the lighthouse look incredibly cute and it’s perfect for photos, for example! Be careful, however, when visiting the lighthouse on Klein Curacao. The floors are not solid everywhere and the building is also old by now. However, a complete renovation of the tower began in 2017. During phase 1, the roof was renewed and new tiles were also installed. The goal is for the lighthouse to be restored to its full glory so that all the more tourists will visit it each year!

Klein Curacao