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Wat is er te doen op Klein Curacao

What is there to do on Klein Curacao?

Klein Curacao is a truly uninhabited island. There is no electricity, internet or telephone reception. There are also no shops, bars or restaurants. For many, this is also the main reason to visit Klein Curacao, the experience of having been to an uninhabited island. But apart from this, Klein Curacao has much more to offer. It is therefore often said that a Klein Curacao trip is the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, culture and pampering.



It is about an hour sailing from Curacao to Klein Curacao. When you choose to go with a catamaran, this will certainly give an extra dimension to the day. A catamaran is more sensitive to the waves, which will make the ride to Klein Curacao absolutely adventurous. To Klein Curacao we sail against the current, this will go with the help of the engines and on the way back with the current so that when there is enough wind the sails can be hoisted and we sail back to Curacao. Along the way there is always a good chance that we will encounter a group of wild dolphins.

Klein Curacao is also a true snorkeling paradise. The sea is perhaps even clearer here than around Curacao. There are always large sea turtles hiding just off the coast of Klein Curacao. You can therefore snorkel very close and even feed them. Apart from that, there is a huge array of tropical fish and corals to admire. With a bit of luck it is even possible to spot wild dolphins from very close.



A day away from all the crowds, hotels and tourists. Enjoy the longest and most beautiful beach of Curacao and be amazed by the breathtaking views. There are two trips on Klein Curacao that even have a private beach house with lounge chairs, umbrellas, freshwater showers and toilets. An ultimate day of relaxation.


For photography enthusiasts, Klein Curaçao is a true paradise. The pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and colorful flora and fauna offer endless opportunities to take breathtaking photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to capture your vacation memories, Klein Curaçao will inspire you with its natural beauty.

For photographers, Klein Curaçao offers a wide range of opportunities to capture breathtaking images. The beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters provide the perfect canvas for artistic photographs. The contrast between the clear blue of the sea and the white sand creates vibrant and colorful photos that capture the essence of the island.

In addition, Klein Curaçao is a breeding ground for many species of seabirds, such as frigate birds and terns. Capturing these majestic birds in their natural habitat offers photographers the chance to capture unique wildlife photos. Don’t forget to bring a telephoto lens to photograph these beautiful animals up close without disturbing them.

Although Klein Curaçao is a paradise for photography, there are some challenges to consider. For example, the brightness of the sun can lead to overexposed photos and harsh shadows. Using a polarizing filter can help reduce the glare of the water and enhance the colors. In addition, the possibility of sand and salt water is a real danger to your camera equipment. So be sure to take protective measures such as waterproof casings and lens wipes.

An Island of Memories

Whether you are a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast, Klein Curaçao is without a doubt a destination that will excite your photographic senses. With its enchanting landscapes, wildlife and historical sites, the island offers countless opportunities to capture stunning images. So don’t forget your camera when you visit this piece of paradise on earth, because the memories you capture will be as timeless as the beauty of Klein Curaçao itself.



The Lighthouse

You can also indulge yourself on Klein Curacao when it comes to culture. In the middle of the island is the beautiful and iconic lighthouse the Prins Hendrik. A unique building that will also provide beautiful photos. This imposing lighthouse, named after Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands, is not only a maritime landmark, but also a symbol of perseverance and technical progress. It stands as a monument of the past and still lights the way for ships crossing the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The shipwreck

The story of the shipwreck begins in 2001, when the Dutch merchant vessel Maria Bianca Guidesman, named after the captain and his wife, ran into trouble during a heavy storm off the coast of Klein Curaçao. Originally built in 1970, the ship had a long history of carrying cargo between European and Caribbean ports. Unfortunately, the ship was overcome by the brutal force of the sea and stranded on the coral reefs surrounding the island.

The wreck of the Maria Bianca Guidesman is part of Curaçao’s cultural and maritime heritage and deserves protection from inappropriate entry and damage. Visitors are encouraged to be aware of the fragile environment and follow guidelines to ensure that future generations can also enjoy this historic treasure.



A day on Klein Curacao is also just great enjoyment. All trips are fully arranged so that you will lack nothing. Depending on the Klein Curacao trip you choose, you get a breakfast buffet, a sumptuous, freshly prepared BBQ lunch and a Premium Open Bar throughout the day.