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Refund conditions

You are entitled to a full refund if one or more of the following conditions are met.

  • If you cancel the trip no later than 24 hours before the start of the trip.
  • If the tour operator cancels your trip and fails to offer a suitable alternative.
  • If the trip did not go as you expected or you are dissatisfied with the service or quality of the trip. You can then send us a request with the reason(s) for this which we will investigate and assess on a case-by-case basis. To be eligible for a refund, you must fully notify a crew member of your complaint immediately during the trip to allow the crew member a timely opportunity to resolve the complaint on site. Should this be completely unsuccessful or inadequate you should include the name of this crew member and the time of reporting in your request.

The following are excluded for refunds:

  • If the hotel pick-up and/or drop-off did not go as expected. In this case, you can request a refund of only the cost of the hotel pickup/drop off.
  • If in the very exceptional case that weather conditions such as rain, wind, clouds or high waves (getting seasick) have affected the experience of your trip.
  • If you did not see sea turtles or dolphins during the trip. Because they are wild animals in the wild, we cannot influence this. We can only indicate that the chances are very high that you will encounter these animals during a trip to Klein Curacao