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Bobcat Small Yacht

New trip to Klein Curacao

A trip to Klein Curacao is a unique experience. We therefore believe it is important to do everything possible to make this experience unforgettable. Currently there are several trips going to Klein Curacao, all with different boats, facilities and prices. The boats on these trips are all quite large and can accommodate an average of 60 people. Prices for these trips start at €110 per person. At least this includes a BBQ lunch and an open bar throughout the day. We have introduced a new trip with a smaller boat with a lower capacity and therefore a lower price. The new trip is called the Bobcat trip to Klein Curacao.


The Bobcat trip

It is our pleasure to tell you exactly what this trip entails. The Bobcat is a small yacht that holds up to 22 people. This has a number of advantages:

  • Lower price
  • Less massive
  • Smooth check-in
  • Faster crossing

The yacht is fully equipped and takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to reach Klein Curacao.


What is included

This trip is fully catered. So you really only need to bring a towel and sunscreen. In the morning we provide a breakfast consisting of fresh bread with ham and/or cheese and a nice cup of coffee or tea. At noon the BBQ will be on and we will treat you to burgers and chicken with a potato salad, green salad, bread and fruit. You can use the open bar consisting of water, soft drinks, juice, wine, beer, punch, vodka and rum throughout the day. However, alcoholic beverages are only available from 12:00.

Klein Curacao is the perfect place to discover an untouched underwater world. The reef, fish and corals there are exceptionally beautiful. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you set aside some time to go snorkeling. You may borrow a mask and snorkel from us for the entire day. However, fins are not available.

Another way to explore the waters around the island is from two canoes that we always bring. You may use this free of charge.


Hotel transfer

If you do not have a car it is possible to pick you up at your hotel. While booking, you can select the hotel you are staying in. If your hotel is not listed then you should choose a hotel near you, we will pick you up there. And at the end of the day, you will be returned to your hotel.



A fully catered trip to Klein Curacao with the Bobcat costs €99 per person. So this includes:

  • Breakfast,
  • BBQ lunch
  • Open bar.
  • Diving goggles with snorkel
  • Use of the canoes

If you wish to be picked up at your hotel, this will cost an additional €22 per person. And of course we will take you back at the end of the day.


Practical information

This trip currently goes to Klein Curacao three days a week. This is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you come to the port by your own transportation, there is always ample parking. Parking is free. The boat leaves the port of Caracas Bay at 08:00. Around three o’clock we will sail back to Curacao so you will generally be back before 4:30 pm.


Make a reservation

It is possible to book all trips online with us. Also, you can then immediately see the number of available seats per day. When you make your reservation, we ask that you pay a 20% deposit. This can only be done online in euros. You may pay the balance on the day during check-in. This can be done in cash in euros, guilders or dollars and with a debit or credit card.


Private trip

Are you with a group or just want a little more privacy? Then it is also possible to book this trip privately. The facilities of the trip remain exactly the same, however, you will have the boat all to yourself. Up to eight people, the price for this private trip is €2000 all inclusive. For each person over eight we charge an additional €80 with a maximum of 22 people in total. If you are interested in this private trip please contact us via WhatsApp or email to inquire on what days the boat is available.

Check out our new Bobcat trip to Klein Curacao and book your trip online.