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Is Klein Curacao worth it?

Many people wonder if it is worth going to Klein Curacao, also because it is quite an expensive trip. When we ask this question to people considering going to Klein Curacao, opinions are very divided. Some people say, “When you go to Paris you don’t skip the Eiffel Tower, do you?” or “A chance to go to a real uninhabited, tropical bounty island, you have to grab that chance with both hands. Other people say: ‘You have beautiful beaches on Curacao as well’ or ‘I think it’s a lot of money to go out for a day, everything is already so expensive and I can do many other fun things on Curacao with that money.


The flag of Curacao features two yellow stars, a large star and a small star. The big star represents Curacao and the little star represents Little Curacao. So there is something to be said for the comparison with Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Also, one of the most frequently asked questions people get after their vacation by those left behind is, ‘Tell me, how was your vacation? And did you also go to Klein Curacao?’ There are therefore people who experience a vacation to Curacao as incomplete when they have not seen Klein Curacao.

And visiting a real uninhabited, tropical, bounty island. Swim with large sea turtles and see wild dolphins up close. What makes this so special is that this combination is virtually impossible anywhere in the world in one trip and in one day.


But to a Klein Curacao trip is quite pricey and it is quite true that Curacao also has beautiful beaches where you can also do very nice things with the money you save by not going. A trip to Klein Curacao quickly costs at least €100 per person anyway, and Curacao has about 40 different beaches, most of which are really beautiful. In contrast, there is only 1 beach on Klein Curacao. However, this beach is about a kilometer long and runs along the entire west coast of the island. Apart from the beach, Curacao of course has plenty of other beautiful and fun sights where on Klein Curacao with its lighthouse and shipwreck, for example, that is considerably more limited.


‘It’s quite an expensive trip, but what exactly do we get in return?’ That’s a very good and also fair question. All trips include unlimited food (a BBQ lunch) and drinks. Most trips also include breakfast. Normally when you go out for a day on Curacao an average lunch with drinks will cost around €25 per person. And let’s assume €30 per person for the individual drinks consumed during the day. That makes a total of €55 per person. That means that between 40 and 50% of the price of a trip to Klein Curacao is for food and drinks alone. Then it is not that expensive a trip to Klein Curacao is. The remaining costs are for the crossing on a beautiful boat, which is already an experience in itself, the rental of a snorkel set for the entire day and for what in our eyes is the most important thing: admiring and discovering Klein Curacao. Spending a day on a truly uninhabited, tropical, bounty island. Snorkeling with sea turtles and spotting wild dolphins. We have heard people say that this experience is just priceless.

We hope to have helped you a little in making a choice. Would you like to see now the overview of the different trips to Klein Curacao that we offer? Or would you prefer to first go through all available information about Klein Curacao where you can read what there is to do and see?