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Animals on Klein Curacao

During a Klein Curacao trip, there is all kinds of things to do and see. You can take a walk along the beach of Klein Curacao and look at the shipwrecks that can be found there or you can take a look at the iconic pink lighthouse. It is also great fun to go snorkeling or diving in the sea at Klein Curacao. Here you can admire the beautiful underwater world and see all kinds of animals such as sea turtles, for example. However, the island also has plenty of animals to admire. Here you will find more about wildlife on Klein Curacao.


American Pygmy Tern

The American Pygmy Tern is a small bird of 21 cm that can be found on Klein Curacao, among other places. Originally, the bird’s range was on both the Gulf and East Coast and the Baja California coast. In addition, it was also found along the rivers of the Mississippi Basin. Meanwhile, however, the American Tern can also be admired in abundance in Klein Curacao. The American Pygmy Tern is an endangered species thanks to humanity. In fact, they normally breed on the beach, but human activities disrupt this process for them. This is one of the reasons why Klein Curacao is so suitable for these birds. It is an uninhabited island where it is never really crowded with tourists. This makes it a perfect habitat for the American Pygmy Tern.


The hawksbill turtle

When diving around Klein Curacao, you can admire sea turtles, and one of the species of turtles you may encounter is the hawksbill turtle. The hawksbill turtle is a medium-sized species with a shell length of about 90 centimeters. These turtles are mostly found near rocky coasts and shallow waters, making them completely in their element in the sea around Klein Curacao. The hawksbill sea turtle never actually comes ashore, only to lay eggs. Therefore, you will also only be able to see hawksbill turtles when they are laying eggs or when you go snorkeling or diving in the sea. The food of these turtles consists mainly of sponges and other marine plants and animals. This they can find mainly in coral reefs and here, fortunately, Klein Curacao has plenty of them!


The soup turtle

Another sea turtle you may encounter on Klein Curacao is the Soup Turtle. This is the largest turtle of the various sea turtles with a shell length of one meter. Their diet consists primarily of animal matter, but seagrass and algae may also be eaten by the adults. This makes Klein Curacao the perfect habitat for these turtles! In fact, there are more than enough animals swimming in the sea around Klein Curacao and sea plants are more than enough to be found in the island’s beautiful coral reefs! When the green turtles deposit eggs, they crawl ashore at night for this purpose, so you will rarely see them on the land of Klein Curacao. In the sea, however, you can spot them while snorkeling or diving!


The Striped Anolis

The striped anolis is a species you do see a lot on the land of Klein Curacao. This tree lizard is fairly large and can sometimes have a head length of up to 8.5 centimeters! Including the tail, these animals can have a body length of 28.5 centimeters. The striped anolis is a lizard you can only encounter on the islands of Aruba, Curacao, Suriname and Klein Curacao. In the latter two, however, humans introduced the animal to the habitat. So when you take a walk on Klein Curacao, be sure to keep a close eye out for these little animals if you can see them bolt away!