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Klein Curacao trips

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We organize six different, fully catered trips to Klein Curacao on a daily basis

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Treat yourself to a perfect day in paradise !


“In 2022, 81% of the number of surveyed tourists who visited Klein Curacao indicated that that day was the highlight of their vacation on Curacao.”

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What makes a trip to Klein Curacao so special?

It is not without reason that a visit to Klein Curacao is often in first place of the things that you must have seen or done during a vacation on Curacao. Here you can read about what makes this trip so special:

Let us make this special experience an unforgettable one!

The perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, culture and indulgence.

Best Trip in the Caribbean Award

How does a trip to Klein Curacao go?

With various boats such as a beautiful luxury yacht, the largest catamaran of the island or a fast somewhat smaller catamaran we will bring you early in the morning, very comfortably to this uninhabited, bounty island. The crossing takes one hour on average.

Enjoy the Premium Open Bar throughout the day, a breakfast buffet and a delicious BBQ lunch at noon, all inclusive.

Go snorkeling in search of sea turtles and wild dolphins! You can borrow a mask and snorkel from us free of charge. You can even join a real snorkeling safari.

You will also have more than enough time during the day to explore the island, see the lighthouse and shipwrecks and enjoy Caribbean’s most beautiful beach.

By late afternoon, while enjoying a tropical cocktail and a wonderful new memory, we’ll sail back to Curacao.

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To ensure the desert island feeling, the number of spots available daily is very limited. Would you like to go to Klein Curacao within a week? Don’t wait too long to book your trip! Many trips may already be fully booked.

There are no shorter trips on Curacao to Klein Curacao, all trips last a full day. Also, there are no ferry services.


For each trip, the current number of available spots is displayed so you can see exactly on which days there are still enough spots available.


We only require a 20% deposit so you can book your tip online anytime, anywhere. You can pay the balance with a payment link in your confirmation email or on the day of the trip during check-in.

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What an experience
We doubted whether we should go, because this trip costs more than 100 euros per person and the beach is also available on regular Curacao. I’m so glad we went anyway. Sofia (Sophia?) and her colleagues gave us a great day. From the moment we stepped on the luxury yacht ‘my serendipity’. Serendipity stands for ‘finding something good without looking for it’. And what a surprise it was. Breakfast on the island, chilling, walking to the shipwreck and the lighthouse, participating in the extremely well organized snorkeling tour… freedom, joy! While snorkeling, two guides went in the water, two on the water and even a diver helped keep things safe. We fed the tropical fish and swam with the wild turtles that have their young on this island every year. In the afternoon there was a buffet, so there was no shortage of anything. On the way back, sunbathe on the tip of the boat and enjoy a rum punch cocktail. Sophia and team, thank you so much! We will never forget this. ❤️
Should be mandatory...
A visit to Klein Curaçao with Blue Finn should be mandatory for all tourists. Been now for the 3rd time and it continues to be just great. The crew really does absolutely everything to make it a great day for all passengers. Giving an example; After spotting a group of dolphins just 50 meters away, we immediately responded by sailing there and we did indeed see 7.5 dolphins! (We only saw half of the 8th…). Food, drink and basically everything was excellent. We will go again next time!
Best day of our vacation!
Wow, this was our best day of the holiday! Fantastically well arranged. We were served a lovely breakfast on arrival & the lunch was also very good. You will also have time in the morning to explore the island. In the afternoon you can go snorkelling with the crew. We really recommend doing that! What a fantastic experience that was. We have seen mega large (and also somewhat smaller) turtles that come to eat the bread from your hands. In addition, the crew was also really nice! In one word: DO! You will get a fantastic experience that you will never forget!
Beautiful and well organized day Klein Curacao
Boat trip was very comfortable, getting to the island within about an hour. Crew is helpful, friendly, attentive and welcoming. Plenty of beds and umbrellas. Breakfast (sandwiches, currant rolls, toppings, boiled egg, tea & coffee) and lunch (chicken, ribs on bbq, stew, rice, some salads, fruit salad) was really delicious and ample; buffet style. Outbound on the boat cup of tea, on return we were given tropical cocktails. Be smart with plastic cups so that waste is kept to a minimum. Snorkel trip with sea turtle spotting is highly recommended, truly a unique experience: walk upstream on the beach and then into the water and back with the current. Was really delicious. Visit wreck and lighthouse as early as possible (because of the heat)
Naoual S
Super fun spontaneous and friendly crew + intern. Everything is clearly explained, you can ask them anything and you are super helped. The outward journey we sailed against the current this was an adventurous experience on deck, waves all over you. (Of course, you can also choose to sit inside or behind). Once you arrive you won’t believe what you see, so beautiful! (You really have to experience this for yourself) You can choose to be taken to the island or swim there. Cool boxes with drinks will be waiting for you on the island. You can enjoy walking around the lighthouse and shipwrecks, hanging out on the beach enjoying the almost unreal view. On the catamaran a delicious lunch will be prepared for you on the bbq. Super service there was even special halal prepared for us. All sorts of different fish gather under the boat, be sure to bring your snorkel! A turtle also came to take a look. The return trip was a lot calmer because we went with the current, this allowed you to sunbathe on the deck while drinks were served! The last bit, the sails were hoisted, in short, we had a helluva day! Definitely worth this must have done and also definitely choose irie times!
Klein Curacao boat trip
Brent T
Very nice. We have been along twice now (2018 and 2022). Crew is friendly and care on the ship is fantastic. Tip: Be sure to go snorkeling because turtles are guaranteed to swim around the ship on Klein Curaçao. And the first time there were dolphins, too.
What a day!
A fantastic experience to sail with this catamaran to Klein Curaçao. We rightly imagined ourselves on a tropical island. White sand, crystal clear water and also spot turtles. Bring snorkels, but if you don’t have them, the crew can also borrow snorkels. Crew fun “sailors”! Relax on board. Nice lunch. Had a nice drink on the way back. If you are on Curaçao you have to book this trip. Definitely recommended.
Great experience, highly recommended!
This boat trip to small curacao was perfectly arranged. a friendly crew, who even led us to the dolphins, provided an excellent barbeque and of course the open bar all day. Recommended!
Had a wonderful day thanks to the good organization
Stephanie M
If you want to spend a day relaxing, doing nothing, sunbathing, snorkeling and soaking up culture, then you should book a day on Little Curaçao. Definitely do this with the Serendipity a great crew that thinks of everything. The outward journey was very comfortable. Once we were on site we had a very nice private beach where you can lie both in and out of the shade. First a nice breakfast with everyone. Various sandwiches, chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs and fruit. Missed nothing at all. Coffee, tea and juices and you’re good to go. Lunch was also really delicious. Tasty tender chicken, sweet ribs or stew with rice, potato salad, pasta salad you name it. You could also just drink something fresh throughout the day. Once the trip was over, we were treated to a rum punch while on the hunt. Thank you for a great organization and a great day!!!
Had a great day to Klein Curaçao. Staff friendly and good explanation. Breakfast, bbq and drinks included which were all extremely delicious. Seen turtles and dolphins from very close range. Lighthouse was very beautiful. Exceeded our expectations thick and fast!
In 1 word great! The bus ride there was already a party! On board super enthusiastic and friendly staff. Before the party started an explanation of how and what, and then the trip could begin. Delicious fresh sandwiches for breakfast. Unlimited drinks (including alcohol from 12.30). On small Curacao was a large cooler where you could also just grab drinks. The BBQ lunch tasted good! We definitely recommend to go to small Curacao…but with Irie! Guaranteed to be a party!!! We enjoyed!!!
Great day experienced!
Jacob van den bergh
Booked this tour with my friend and it was really worth the money! We had a great day with a delicious barbecue (really the tastiest chicken I have had in ages), also the staff was really incredibly friendly and helpful and knew exactly what we all wanted to see. For example, fish were fed (resulting in hundreds of fish under the boat, very cool), and everyone is called when a turtle or stingray is seen, for example. And oh yes, the cocktails were really excellent too! All in all, we are incredibly happy day we chose this trip and we definitely want to come back again! Crew, thanks for a great day! It was incredibly fun and special!
Great day on little Curacao
Lisette H
During your stay in Curacao, a day with the Mermaid really shouldn’t be missed. During this day, everything is well organized. On the boat there is coffee and tea, on little Curacao there is breakfast ready and in the afternoon a well catered bbq! The small island is beautiful with its white sand, blue clear water and beautiful fish and turtles. The day unfortunately flew by! So enjoyed! As icing on the cake, two dolphins swam with the boat for a while on the way back. Was a beautiful sight!
Very well organized day trip
Decided to book a day on Klein Curacao at the Mermaid. A very well organized day trip from start to finish. A beautiful luxury boat and good facilities on the island itself. Food and drink is widely available and the lunch buffet was excellent. And all this with good and enthusiastic staff. Klein Curacao is a beautiful island where it is very good to spend a day. Don’t forget to walk to the lighthouse and the shipwrecks.
Safe and secure to Klein Curacao
“It was great again with the guys from Mermaid. Still a must to go especially with them to Klein Curacao. 2 years ago also with the family and now with the grandchildren. Lovely day with good care and safe.”
By catamaran to small curaçao
Leonie Prize
Wonderful just the catamaran cool runnings to small curacao.we were in the front, so got the full brunt of the waves. Awesome!!! Very nice crew; captain rob, aj and juju. We lacked nothing. Highly recommended!
Super day with the catamaran
Oscar N
The boat’s crew is cool. The guys on the boat are very attentive and think with you. They are there to make it an unforgettable day. There is plenty of food and drink. This is all of good quality. So when you go to Curaçao this is definitely recommended.
This trip is a must when in Curaçao
Really had an incredibly fun day. Everything was well arranged, drinks on the beautiful island, a delicious bbq lunch and cozy happy hour on board. The crew was also incredibly enthusiastic, which made the experience that much more enjoyable.
Nice trip with a super nice crew that takes good care of you!
Robert T
A fun trip, but especially a very fun crew! We were super well taken care of in terms of and food and drink. They saw before you were thirsty that you needed a drink. If you want to take a trip to Klein Curacao we can definitely recommend Irie Tours!
Great day trip to Klein Curaçao
Took a great day tour to Klein Curaçao. Fantastic crew with Captain Coconut at the helm. Delicious food and super drinks at the bar. Next visit to Curaçao we will definitely go again👍
Great anyway to a beautiful island
Guiliana V
Yesterday we took the catamaran to small curaçao with Irie times. What an experience that was! We were picked up at the hotel and taken to Jan Thiel Harbor. Thanks to the clear (and super fun) explanation from the bus driver, we were all super looking forward to it. At the port we were warmly welcomed by Danny, Emanuel, Robin, and the party boy! We began the trip over breakfast. Halfway through, it did get a little wilder and by now many people were all splashed wet. When we arrived on little Curacao, we were immediately rewarded with a paradise-like view. In the afternoon, we came back aboard for a sumptuous (hot) lunch. Around 3 p.m. we went back and the atmosphere was good. The return trip was a lot calmer sailing than the outward trip. Instead of a bumpy ride, the way back became a party! We had a great time and were far from wanting to get off the boat. Dancing on the roof of the boat, we ended the day. We look back on an unforgettable day. Thanks Irie times!!! We therefore recommend the tour to everyone.
If you want to go to Klein Curaçao then you have to go with this! It is all so well organized, the food was delicious and the people are cozy and sweet! Really highly recommended. Thanks Emanuel, Danny, Stefan and Robin!
Rinus T
Super cozy tour and great crew on board. Definitely recommended to undertake just for the atmosphere on board. But also the beautiful uninhabited island. And the beautiful water snorkeling with the turtles and fish.
Great day!
We were picked up and brought back by a bus at our hotel. During the boat trip, a few people (including me) got seasick, but the staff gave good advice. There was plenty of time on the island and a well arranged bbq. The way back nothing bothered us and had a nice drink on board. We would definitely do this Tour again if we go to Curaçao again!
Definitely worth it
Super fun and well taken care of tour. Breakfast and lunch was very nice, ample supply of drinks. Cozy and nice staff!!! Definitely worth it! Extra thanks for Julia!
Alex de Bruijn
What a fantastic day we had. From start to finish it was delicious! The friendly crew goes out of their way to make you comfortable. Good food, drinks and relaxing music. Klein curaçao is beautiful, such clear blue water…. Captain Ramon/Gigoloco and crew thanks for the insane day!!! Chilling in the Antilles !
Must see... Just go there and enjoy
Frank Feenstra
Klein Curaçao is a place you simply must have been. We went out with the Mermaid. Good boat, nice staff and especially good service on the islet. Plenty of shade spots were made. There is a shower and toilet. You get breakfast and lunch in the form of a very well done BBQ. Besides diving and snorkeling, the lighthouse and the old ship are well worth seeing. Do go first thing in the morning, otherwise it will be too hot….
Fantastic day
Lynn K
Had a great day during the boat trip to Klein Curaçao. Trip was easy to book online incl. transport from stay. The bus driver was here on time. Breakfast on the boat was very tasty and very well taken care of, delicious BBQ lunch, fruit and drinks (incl. open bar), nice skipper and crew. All very friendly! The destination Klein Curaçao is fantastic, most beautiful beach we have ever been to and also a nice, short walk to the lighthouse and shipwrecks. As my friend said this morning: the most beautiful day of the year!
Super fun boat trip to Klein
Kim v
We had booked a boat trip to Klein Curaçao on the Mermaid. We were picked up on time at our hotel and brought back. The trip was very smooth, very pleasant boat and plenty of seats in the shade. On arrival the choice to swim or be taken to the beach by small boat on the beach, which was also very nice. Mermaid has a beach club on Klein Curaçao and the beds and umbrellas were included. Upon arrival a generous breakfast buffet and at noon a bbq lunch including spareribs, we had a great meal! We had a super fun day and we were very happy to have chosen Mermaid! Highly recommended.
Great day!
We had a wonderful day, where we really lacked for nothing! Very good crew, delicious lunch and swam with turtles at Klein Curaçao, had a really great day! thanks
Fantastic day, with dolphins next to the boat
Robin v
Very relaxed atmosphere on the boat all day, nice crew, everything is top notch. Saw turtles and dolphins, wow. And the island was sooooo beautiful! A day with Blue finn is highly recommended!
Black and White catamaran
Nelleke v
Made a great trip to Klein Curacao with the Black and White. Super nice guys who do this. Delicious food on board and plenty of drinks. A really nice day out. And little Curacao is beautiful. Plenty of time there to snorkel and see the island.
Great boat trip with friendly crew!
Rose of Groenewoud
Great experience, everything was very well taken care of! Beautiful island and nice crew, everything was arranged to perfection, good bbq and the most enjoyable happy hour! The crossings were also awesome though very unfortunate that we could not sail back because there was too little wind that day. Better luck next time!
small Curacao
Wim Lange
had a great day thanks in part to the friendly and wonderful crew of the Black and White. recommended to do, beautiful beach and clear blue sea, seen many fish and turtles. Top
Had a great day on Klein Curaçao. Good food on the boat and enough to drink for everyone. I would definitely recommend everyone to go to Klein Curaçao by catamaran. Super nice staff!
Lovely Little Curacao
It was a wonderful day that was well taken care of by Curacao trips. The food was tasty and plentiful. The guidance (Stijn, Jordy, Gijs) was excellent: professional and with humor. And the catamaran was amazing! Had a really nice day.
Mechel D
What a great experience, also for the children. The whole day was super organized, also the food and drinks were good. The crew also super friendly.
Beautiful day and well taken care of
Liza L
Very nice trip to beautiful little Curacao. Lunch and drinks were well taken care of by the crew.
Catamaran Black and White small Curaçao
Antonella M
Day trip to Klein Curaçao with the catamaran of Blue Finn is a must… Bounty island, snorkeling between the turtles, you can also dive there. Well maintained, good food and plenty to drink. Nice men who work there and who really enjoy their work, that’s what they radiate. They make it a fun unforgettable day.. Top team
Fantastic Crew!
Worth it from the first moment. the crew is fantastic and the service they provide is great. The drinks and food served are just top notch. If you ever want to make this trip to small curacao, I definitely recommend doing it on the Black and White. Thanks again and we will be back soon.
Excellently arranged trip to sea turtles
Wouter T
Nice crew, nice sailing trip with calm sea. The fish and sea turtles are lured to the boat and can be easily viewed. The food and drink is also excellent and the crew provides extra entertainment!
Well organized
Had a tremendously fun day in little Curacao. The crew is very friendly and communication was good. When we went it happened to be very quiet so we had plenty of room. Food was very well arranged. You could get unlimited non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. There was also the opportunity to go snorkelling with someone from the crew and the rest of the guests. Furthermore, you were left free in what you wanted to do there. The yacht was very luxurious, but you have to stay in your place during the trip (70 min). Nothing to complain about and definitely the most fun activity we did in Curacao!
Super fun and well organized day!
We had a super fun day on small curaçao with the Serendipity. Nice that everything was arranged in its entirety incl. food and drink. More than enough was present so you will not be short of anything. Staff were super friendly and cheerful. In addition, big compliments for the flexibility. We had booked this boat trip but the night before I became very ill. A few hours before departure I let you know via whatsapp. This was no problem at all, no charges were made. A few days later we were fortunately still able to join us, and we also thought a lot about this. All in all, a nice trip and super customer-friendly organization!
Boat trip to Klein Curaçao
Top organized trip to Klein Curaçao. Up early but that is ultimately rewarded in a great fun day with very good breakfast and lunch. The snorkeling trip with one of the crew members looking for turtles was also very nice to do. Crew takes good care of their guests and they pay very close attention to safety during the boat trip and snorkeling experience. Simply great and recommended to everyone!
Nice day out with lots to see
Good service from the crew who took care of the day with great enthusiasm. Good food and plenty of time to relax. Top was the snorkel safari where the turtles swim right below you.
Boat trip to Klein Curacao
With the Serendipity to Klein Curacao. What a wonderful crossing. A delicious breakfast when we arrived and a nice lunch at noon. With Karni Stoba, delicious tender beef. Also plenty to eat and drink. All the space and time to snorkel yourself. I was lucky enough to even see an octopus. It was also nice that there was a shower so you could rinse off when you got out of the water. A nice rum punch on the way back. A beautiful day!
Trip to Klein Curacao
Well organized day trip on a luxury yacht with a very friendly crew where the service is top notch. On arrival a delicious breakfast and a great BBQ during lunch. Beautiful private beach area where you can enjoy ( possibly in the shade ) the sun, breathtaking views or snorkeling. In addition, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the island which is definitely worthwhile.
Klein Curacao
Rene B
Nice trip to the Bounty Island of Curacoa. Departed early in the morning at 7 am with the Serendipity. The way there is a bit rough due to the current, but it is doable. On arrival you go to your own beach bed (in the shade if desired). After breakfast we viewed the lighthouse and a frak on the other side of the island (200 meters). At 1 pm a buffet lunch of choice of pans and bowls is served. At 2 pm snorkeling with the group which was very nice and also saw the turtles. The group was 25 people, but the max is because some people in the water were already in each other’s way. The boat will return at 3.15 pm. The staff is very friendly and the mate is a somewhat gruff Frisian.
Fantastic day, well looked after. The staff are very friendly and helpful and very knowledgeable. They give you a lot of personal attention. From the boat you go ashore in motor boats, a nice experience. The beach itself is very beautiful; there are also many sunbeds and a few nice places to take a walk. There is a free Snorkel Safari, highly recommended and the staff keeps a close eye on everyone. Breakfast, delicious BBQ lunch and free soft drinks are all fine. Celebrated happy hour with a rum punch on the way back. Wonderful day!
Amazing and well organized day trip by boat
Hans K
Boat trip with the Serendipity to Klein Curaçao, fine. About 1 hour sailing. Crew helpful and friendly. Everything is well explained. On Klein Curaçao it is possible to snorkel and dive and maybe spot turtles. Both breakfast and BBQ lunch well provided. Soft drinks and water are free to consume. Plenty of shade and beach chairs. The sun completes it.
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Bobcat 16 yacht
€ 99
USD 109 | NAF 180

Klein Curacao trip

Small yacht | 15 meters
BBQ Lunch
Open Bar (without alcohol)
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
Snorkel Set
Snorkeling at Tugboat
Hotel transfer
Pina colada
Join Blue Finn on the catamaran
€ 110
USD 120 | NAF 216

Klein Curacao trip

Blue Finn
Catamaran | 23 meters
Open Bar (without alcohol)
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
BBQ lunch DeLuxe
Snorkel Set
Snorkeling safari
Hotel transfer
With IRIE Times to Klein Curacao
€ 113
USD 120 | NAF 216

Klein Curacao trip

IRIE Times
Catamaran | 18 meters
Open Bar (without alcohol)
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
BBQ lunch
Snorkel Set
Snorkeling safari
Hotel transfer
Mermaid the boat
€ 120
USD 130 | NAF 235

Klein Curacao trip

Luxury Motorboat | 25 meters
Breakfast Buffet DeLuxe
Open Bar (without alcohol)
BBQ lunch DeLuxe
HALAL chicken
Snorkel Set
Private beach house
Hotel transfer
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
€ 120
USD 130 | NAF 235

Klein Curacao trip

Luxury yacht | 30 meters
Breakfast Buffet DeLuxe
Open Bar (without alcohol)
BBQ lunch DeLuxe
HALAL chicken
Snorkel Set
Snorkeling safari
Private beach house
Hotel transfer
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
Scuba diving
Serendipity VIP Supreme
€ 135
USD 145 | NAF 255

Klein Curacao trip

Serendipity SUPREME
Luxury yacht | 30 meters
Open Bar (without alcohol)
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
Snacks and fruit
BBQ Lunch DeLuxe+
Halal chicken
Snorkel Set
Snorkeling safari
Private beach house
Hotel transfer
Scuba diving
west trip kaart 3
€ 120
USD 130 | NAF 235

West Point trip

Go West
Catamaran - Bus combi trip
Open Bar (without alcohol)
Premium Open Bar (alcohol)
BBQ lunch
Snorkel Set
Hotel transfer