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Day trip to Klein Curacao

Day trip to Klein Curacao What exactly does a day trip to Klein Curacao look like? There are multiple answers to that because there are a number of different types of day trips to Klein Curacao. By now, though, all day trips provide pickup from the hotel. That is, you will be picked up early in the morning and dropped off back at the hotel at the end of the day. When you book a day trip to Klein Curacao online, you can select the hotel where you are staying. Here is also directly indicated at what time the pick

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Klein Curacao with Mermaid

To Klein Curacao with Mermaid

To Klein Curacao with Mermaid There are several trips that go daily to Klein Curacao. The trip to Klein Curacao with Mermaid is then perhaps the best known and in any case the oldest. For over 30 years, the Mermaid has been taking people from all over the world for an unforgettable and fully catered day on Klein Curacao. If you do not have your own transportation, it is possible to be picked up at your hotel. When this is in the immediate area of Jan Thiel, you will be picked up in style in a limousine. For the hotels

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Het wrak van de Maria Bianca Guidesman zoals het 10 jaar geleden was.

Klein Curacao, the Maria Bianca Guidesman

Klein Curacao, the Maria Bianca Guidesman One unfortunate day, en route to its destination, the imposing cargo ship Maria Bianca Guidesman ran aground on the beautiful island of Klein Curacao. This incident has caught the attention not only of locals but also of maritime experts and nature lovers around the world. The stranded ship has become an intriguing symbol of the fragility of our oceans and the challenges associated with maritime activities. Let’s look at the implications of this incident and efforts to address the situation. Background on the Maria Bianca Guidesman The Maria Bianca Guidesman is a large cargo

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A close up of two brown powders on a klein curacao surface.

Phosphate mining on Klein Curacao

Phosphate mining on Klein Curacao Although it is not known exactly when Klein Curacao was discovered, it was charted by English mining engineer John Godden in 1871. Of course, this was not without reason, as he discovered that a certain substance could be quite profitable on Curacao. Below I explain more about phosphate mining on Klein Curacao.   Phosphate mining on Klein Curacao When John Godden arrived on Klein Curacao, he found out that there was a lot of phosphate to be gained here, and this could bring a lot of profit. This phosphate was left behind by birds. In

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Private trips

Private trips We offer a wide range of options for private trips on a boat. No matter if you are 2 people or 200, we always provide the best and most economical solution. We would be happy to go over some of the possibilities with you. Your choices include a large, luxury speedboat, a small catamaran, a large catamaran, a small yacht or a large yacht. Each private trip includes captain and crew. Each private trip includes open bar and BBQ lunch. At the open bar, alcoholic beverages are optional. Depending on the trip start time, breakfast or dinner is

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Sea turtles on Klein Curacao

These are the best places to spot turtles on Curaçao

The best places to spot turtles on Curacao Curaçao is a tropical paradise known for its beautiful underwater world. Therefore, it is the place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. From snorkeling with turtles to swimming with the most beautiful fish and watching the extraordinary coral. If you go to Curaçao, you must have taken a dip in the sea at the many beaches found there. For many, swimming with turtles is an experience you must have done at least once in your life. Curaçao is the ideal destination for this. But where on Curaçao is the best place to spot

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These are the holidays of Curacao

These are the holidays of Curacao   Curacao, of course, like other countries, has a number of holidays each year. They obviously celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, for example, but what other holidays do they have in Curacao? And when are these holidays? Below are some of Curacao’s holidays that you should really go celebrate there!   Carnival on Curacao Although Carnival is a well-known festival celebrated in North Brabant and Limburg, a lot of people in the Netherlands do not know Carnival. This is a celebration with all kinds of beautiful or colorful costumes, parades and lots of

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Blue room

Blue Room Curacao

The Blue Room/Blauwe Kamer, a wondrous underwater cave on Curacao   The History of the Blue Room The name “Blue Room” comes from the brilliant blue glow that illuminates the water in the cave. According to indigenous legends, the cave once served as a sacred place where spiritual rituals were performed. Local populations saw it as a gateway to another world, where gods and spirits resided. Throughout history, the Blue Room was also used by sailors and pirates as a hideout and a secret repository for their booty. The Geology of the Blue Room The Blue Room, like other limestone

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christoffelpark curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao   One of the most beautiful sights on Curacao is the Christoffel Park. This natural paradise is one of the most beautiful places on Curacao and the largest park you will find there. Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao has many different types of animals and all kinds of beautiful plants. Before this was the Christoffel Park, there were once plantations here with a number of beautiful country houses. To create this park, all these plantations have been merged and the whole area has been transformed into a true natural paradise. However, not all

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dolphin swimming curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao   Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Or at least simply want to experience dolphins closer? On the beautiful island of Curacao, your dream can come true! In fact, this island is home to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, where you can do all kinds of things with and learn about dolphins! Here you also do not necessarily have to swim with dolphins if you prefer not to, as the Dolphin Academy Curacao offers many more activities related to dolphins. If you go to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, you will experience

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