The uninhabited island of Klein Curacao

Little Curacao, a Caribbean pearl

Little Curacao, a Caribbean pearl Looking for a place where you don’t have to share the beach with countless tourists and where your view is not obstructed by hotels or beach chairs? Klein Curacao is an uninhabited paradise where you will experience the ultimate Robinson feeling! Except for a few beach huts and a lighthouse, the island is completely unspoiled. Exactly what you imagine a tropical, Caribbean island to be. The place was named the most beautiful beach in Curacao by Lonely Planet. So a day trip to this lovely island is a great idea during your stay in Curacao.

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The coast and the lighthouse

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao

The lighthouse on Klein Curacao One of the things you really need to see when you visit Klein Curacao is the iconic, pink lighthouse. A lighthouse was first built on Klein Curacao in 1849, and this lighthouse was called the Prince Henry Lighthouse. Unfortunately, this lighthouse was destroyed during a hurricane in 1877. However, it was important for shipping that there would be a good lighthouse on Klein Curacao, which is why in 1877 they rebuilt the lighthouse immediately. Then this lighthouse was rebuilt again in 1913 and this lighthouse can also be seen today.   The lighthouse of Klein

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shipwreck small curacao

The shipwreck on Klein Curacao

The shipwreck on Klein Curacao Klein Curacao is a small, flat island near Curacao itself. However, the island does have a history with shipwrecks. Because of this, there are several shipwrecks on the island that you can go there to see during a nice walk around the island.   How were shipwrecks created? Around the small island there are quite strong currents. This can make it very difficult for ships to navigate around it. There is also a northeast wind that causes ships to be pushed closer to the island’s shore as well. During the time of the West India

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Sea turtles on Klein Curacao

Sea turtles (and nesting) on Klein Curacao

Sea turtles (and nesting) on Klein Curacao Although not many people know it, Klein Curacao is really worth a visit on your next trip to Curacao! This small island has all sorts of things to offer, including the iconic, special lighthouse and the famous large shipwreck on the island. However, did you know that you can also see sea turtles on Klein Curacao?   The turtles of Klein Curacao When you take a walk on the beach at Klein Curacao, you run the chance of encountering sea turtles. The reason the turtles can be seen so close to shore is

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goedkoop naar Klein Curacao

Cheap to Klein Curacao

Cheap to Klein Curacao   There are several trips daily going to Klein Curacao. These are generally all day trips. There are no ferry services connecting Curacao to Klein Curacao. So a day trip is the only way to visit the uninhabited island. There are no restaurants or stores on the island itself. This is why all trips include at least lunch and all drinks throughout the day. That does entail that visiting Klein Curacao is never really very cheaply possible. We also grant everyone the best experience on a truly uninhabited island. When all the boats go in that

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Snorkelen Klein Curacao


Snorkeling One of the most beautiful features of the Caribbean is the crystal clear waters by which it is surrounded. Not to mention, of course, the beautiful and diverse life underneath. So it should come as no surprise that snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on Klein Curacao. The west coast of Klein Curacao has perhaps the longest and most beautiful beach in the world and is in the lee of the current. This means that the water here is even clearer than in other places in the Caribbean, the underwater life even more exuberant and the corals

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The Apache off the coast of Klein Curacao

Boat trip to Klein Curacao

Boat trip to Klein Curacao   When you decide to visit Klein Curacao for a day, the crossing can be an adventure in itself. Generally, a boat takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half to reach the island. This depends entirely on the type of boat and the size of the boat. To make the boat trip to Klein Curacao something special it is possible to choose from different types of boats for the crossing which we will describe below.   Speedboat The Bobcat and a luxury speedboat about 12.5 meters long. The boat can accommodate about

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History Klein Curacao is a small island which is close to the island of Curacao itself. Although this little island is not that big nor has it been on the map for very long, it has a very interesting history.   The discovery of Klein Curacao The exact moment Klein Curacao was discovered is unfortunately unknown. However, we do know from when the island was put on the map. This was in 1871 by an English mining engineer named John Godden. However, he did not just put Klein Curacao on the map; he had a reason for doing so. In

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The beach of Klein Curacao

The beach of Klein Curacao

The beach of Klein Curacao Klein Curacao is a small island about 25 kilometers from Curacao itself. The island has a perimeter of about 2 square kilometers. Klein Curacao itself is uninhabited. Still, the island is very popular. This is because this tropical bounty island boasts pearly white beaches, clear blue waters and a stunning underwater world. This little island is a must see when you are on vacation to curaƧao. Klein Curacao beach is also known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.   White beaches Klein Curacao boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in

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wildlife small curacao

Animals on Klein Curacao

Animals on Klein Curacao While visiting Klein Curacao, there are all kinds of things to do and see. You can take a walk along the beach of Klein Curacao and look at the shipwrecks that can be found there or you can take a look at the iconic pink lighthouse. It is also great fun to go snorkeling or diving in the sea at Klein Curacao. Here you can admire the beautiful underwater world and see all kinds of animals such as sea turtles, for example. However, the island also has plenty of animals to admire. Here you will find

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Klein Curacao