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Blue Room Curacao


During a vacation to the beautiful island of Curacao, you really must have visited the Blue Room on Curacao. This sight is simply not to be missed in Curacao. The Blue Room, or Blue Room, is a beautiful cave in Curacao. The cave is also known as Mushroom Forest Cave. The special thing about this cave is that sunlight is reflected into the cave through the water, since it cannot shine directly into the cave, giving the cave a beautiful glow with the color blue.

When you find yourself in the cave itself, there are still plenty of things to do. For example, you can swim in the Blue Room with the beautiful blue glow all around you. If you prefer to do something that feels a little more special, you can also search for fish in this cave. In fact, the Blue Room on Curacao also looks beautiful underwater and, of course, fish swim here. However, fish usually look for a spot that is somewhat sheltered, so to see fish, it is best to look in these places. You can often even see large groups of fish swimming in this cave! So looking underwater and searching for fish is really a must do when you are in the Blue Room! Of course, you don’t have to swim alone or look for fish in the Blue Room. In fact, you can also jump into the water from the top of the Blue Room! Children often enjoy this as well, but it is important to be mindful of the sharp rocks you have to pass if you like to jump into the water from above. In any case, water shoes are recommended for safety.


The sea route to the Blue Room

There are two different ways for people to get to the Blue Room in Curacao. The first is by sea. First, you can do this in an easy way by renting a water cab. This boat is known as Captain Goodlife, for which you can board as early as Santa Cruz. During the trip to the Blue Room, you can still admire the coast of Curacao from the water cab. Then, when you and the other passengers arrive at the Blue Room, you are first given some instruction. This tells you mainly what to consider in terms of safety. Then you have 15 minutes to explore the cave at your own leisure and have a nice swim in it if you like. After this, everyone gets back on the boat and it sails back to Santa Cruz. However, this is not a boring route either, as you can still look at the coast of Curacao on the way back and the boat makes a stop at Santa Pretu, also known as the black beach.


The adventure route to the Blue Room

If the route by sea is too boring for you, this adventurous route to the Blue Room may be more suitable for you. If you choose to take the adventure route to the Blue Room, you will walk the entire route. Of course, this is cheaper first of all, since you do not have to spend money on a boat trip. You can spend this money, for example, on a nice dinner or on souvenirs of Curacao. In the process, the route is also more exciting and you can travel it at your own leisure, ignoring other passengers. Finally, one advantage of the adventure route is that you have as long as you want at the Blue Room. After all, you don’t have to leave after only 15 minutes because the boat will be sailing back, but you can do everything at your own pace. When following the walking route, you will start at Santa Cruz, to the left of the beach. This is just before the boarding point for the water cab Captain Goodlife.

To arrive at the Blue Room on foot, you must first follow a steep path uphill. After this, it is a 10-minute walk to Santa Pretu, the black beach. Of course, this is another advantage of the adventurous route, since when hiking you can also spend time on Santa Pretu by yourself. The sand here is black which of course is very special to see! You can also go swimming there if you want, but the current here is quite strong so pay attention to that. When you are ready to continue walking to the Blue Room, instead of walking into the sea on the right, you must turn into a path on the left. Via this road, it’s another 15 to 20-minute walk before you arrive at the Blue Room. The road is also easy to recognize because it is marked with blue dots. When you arrive at the end of the trail, which by the way is also wide enough that cars could drive there, you must turn right. You will already notice immediately that you are close to the Blue Room, as you can already hear the sea. You will arrive at the top of the cave after the hiking trail and you can then follow a path down, arriving at a rock from which you can jump off to end up in the water. Although many tourists like to walk in flip-flops, this is not recommended for this trail so make sure you wear sturdy shoes so that the trip is as comfortable as possible.


Tips for in the Blue Room

When visiting the Blue Room in Curacao, there are a few things to keep in mind, though. In fact, it is incredibly important to always keep a hand over your head so that you don’t bump your head into anything. Also, you usually have to swim underwater for a while to enter the cave so keep this in mind in advance as well. Although you still have to watch out for sharp rocks, the Blue Room in Curacao is highly recommended so be sure to go there!

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