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Blue room

The Blue Room/Blauwe Kamer, a wondrous underwater cave on Curacao


The History of the Blue Room

The name “Blue Room” comes from the brilliant blue glow that illuminates the water in the cave. According to indigenous legends, the cave once served as a sacred place where spiritual rituals were performed. Local populations saw it as a gateway to another world, where gods and spirits resided. Throughout history, the Blue Room was also used by sailors and pirates as a hideout and a secret repository for their booty.

The Geology of the Blue Room

The Blue Room, like other limestone caves in Curaçao, was formed through centuries of limestone deposits created by the process of dissolution and precipitation. Rainwater, mixed with carbon dioxide, penetrates the limestone layers and dissolves them, creating cavities. These cavities eventually evolved into the impressive caves we can explore today. What sets the Blue Room apart are its unique features, such as the opening to the sea, through which water flows in and creates a brilliant blue glow.

The sea route to the Blue Room

There are two different ways for people to get to the Blue Room in Curacao. The first is by sea. First, you can do this in an easy way by renting a water cab. This boat is known as Captain Goodlife, for which you can board as early as Santa Cruz. During the trip to the Blue Room, you can still admire the coast of Curacao from the water cab. Then, when you and the other passengers arrive at the Blue Room, you will first receive some instruction. This tells you mainly what to consider in terms of safety. Then you have 15 minutes to explore the cave at your own leisure and have a nice swim in it if you like. After this, everyone gets back on the boat and it sails back to Santa Cruz. However, this is not a boring route either, as you can still look at the coast of Curacao on the way back and the boat makes a stop at Santa Pretu, also known as the black beach.

It is also possible to visit the Blue Room with the Go West trip. This is a trip that starts at Caracas Bay on a beautiful catamaran. This catamaran sails all the way to West Point and moors at the most beautiful spots along the way, including the Blue Room. Here you will have about an hour to explore the cave. Once we arrive at West Point, everyone gets off the boat and an open-air bus is waiting to take us back to the starting point of the trip via a beautiful route. This trip includes breakfast, BBQ lunch and an open bare throughout the day. You can view the Go West trip here and book directly online if needed.

The adventure route to the Blue Room

If the route by sea is too boring for you, this adventurous route to the Blue Room may be more suitable for you. If you choose to take the adventure route to the Blue Room, you will walk the entire route. Of course, this is cheaper first of all, since you do not have to spend money on a boat trip. You can spend this money, for example, on a nice dinner or on souvenirs of Curacao. In the process, the route is also more exciting and you can travel it at your own leisure, ignoring other passengers. Finally, one advantage of the adventure route is that you have as long as you want at the Blue Room. After all, you don’t have to leave after only 15 minutes because the boat will be sailing back, but you can do everything at your own pace. When following the walking route, you will start at Santa Cruz, to the left of the beach. This is just before the boarding point for the water cab Captain Goodlife.

To arrive at the Blue Room on foot, you must first follow a steep path uphill. After this, it is a 10-minute walk to Santu Pretu, the black beach. Of course, this is another advantage of the adventurous route, since when hiking you can also spend time on Santa Pretu by yourself. The sand here is black which of course is very special to see! You can also go swimming there if you want, but the current here is quite strong so pay attention to that. When you are ready to continue walking to the Blue Room, instead of walking into the sea on the right, you must turn just left into a path. Via this road, it’s another 15 to 20-minute walk before you arrive at the Blue Room. The road is also easy to recognize because it is marked with blue dots. When you arrive at the end of the trail, which by the way is also wide enough that cars could drive there, you must turn right. You will already notice right away that you are close to the Blue Room, as you can already hear the sea. You will arrive at the top of the cave after the hiking trail and you can then follow a path down, arriving at a rock from which you can jump off to end up in the water. Although many tourists like to walk in flip-flops, this is not recommended for this trail so make sure you wear sturdy shoes so that the trip is as comfortable as possible.

Snorkeling and Diving in the Blue Room

The Blue Room is accessible from the coast of Curaçao, but it is best to take a boat ride to get to the cave. Snorkeling is a great option for visitors who want to explore the underwater world without sophisticated diving equipment. As soon as you enter the cave, you are enchanted by the sparkling blue reflections that illuminate the walls and ceiling. The crystal clear waters reveal an amazing variety of marine life, including tropical fish, sea turtles and colorful corals.

For divers, the Blue Room offers a unique experience because of its beautiful light and dramatic transition from the darkness of the ocean to the illuminated interior of the cave. The cave is also popular with underwater photographers for its spectacle of light and shadow, which provides a breathtaking backdrop for photo opportunities.

The Magic of Blue Reflections

The enchanting blue reflections in the Blue Room are due to the way sunlight refracts through the water and reflects off the limestone walls. The blue spectrum of light is best scattered in the water, making it seem as if the entire cave is immersed in a shimmering blue glow. The reflections create an almost magical atmosphere that leaves visitors speechless.

Respect for Nature and Conservation of the Blue Room

Although the Blue Room is a popular attraction, it is critical to maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Visitors are encouraged to treat the cave with respect and not leave trash behind. Snorkelers and divers should be aware of their movements so as not to disturb the corals and marine life. Local organizations are committed to preserving the Blue Room and working with the government to promote sustainable tourism and protect marine life.

Tips for in the Blue Room

When visiting the Blue Room in Curacao, there are a few things to keep in mind, though. In fact, it is incredibly important to always keep a hand over your head so that you don’t bump your head into anything. Also, you usually have to swim underwater for a while to enter the cave so keep this in mind in advance as well. Although you still have to watch out for sharp rocks, the Blue Room in Curacao is highly recommended so be sure to go there!



Curaçao’s “Blue Room” is an enchanting underwater cave that offers an unforgettable experience for snorkelers, divers and nature lovers. With its rich history, unique geology and magical blue reflections, this natural treasure has fascinated visitors for centuries. However, it is our duty to treat the Blue Room with respect and protect it so that future generations can also enjoy the splendor and beauty of this amazing underwater world. A visit to the Blue Room is not only an adventure discovery, but also a chance to appreciate nature in all its splendor and fragility.