These are the holidays of Curacao


Curacao, like other countries, has a number of public holidays every year. For example, they celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but what other holidays do they have in Curacao? And when are these holidays? Below are a number of Curacao holidays that you really should celebrate there!


Carnival on Curacao

Although Carnival is a well-known party that is celebrated in North Brabant and Limburg, many people in the Netherlands do not know Carnival. This is a party with all kinds of beautiful or colorful costumes, parades and lots of music and dancing. In the south of the Netherlands it is celebrated with lots of candy for the children and especially going out for young adults, but it is not quite the same in Curacao. Carnival on Curacao is a special and unique experience, especially the carnival parades! You can see all kinds of beautiful costumes that have a lot of work put into them.

During the Carnival there is a music festival for 4 days where the Tumba King or Queen is chosen. Tumba is the music that belongs to Carnival on Curacao and it is a combination of Latin American music with Caribbean instruments and great to dance to! There are a few other parties before the big Carnival parade. For example, there are the Jump-Ups, a parade where everyone can participate without necessarily having to wear a costume. However, they often receive shirts that they can decorate for the parade. There are also many Jump-Ins, which are more of a party with live music (especially Tumba of course) and lots of dancing.


The Day of the Flag

Every year on July 2, the ‘Day of the Flag’ is celebrated in Curacao. This is to celebrate that on this day in 1951 the Island Council of Curacao met for the first time. Many people hang out on this day and also on local TV on July 2 it is almost exclusively about this special day. There are also many activities to do on this day, such as activities for the children, sports competitions and various performances. Especially in the capital Willemstad there is more than enough to do on this day so be sure to go there for Flag Day! In addition to all recreational activities, there are also a number of official ceremonies. These take place in the morning on the Brionplein in Otrobanda and in Parke Himno i Bandere in Barber, which is located in the western part of Curacao.


Curacao Day

On October 10, 1499, the Caribbean island of Curacao was discovered for the first time by Alonso de Ojeda, an explorer from Spain. After this discovery, the Spaniards almost immediately invaded Curacao so that they could conquer and transport Arawak Indians, the inhabitants of the island of Curacao, to keep them as slaves. More than a hundred years later, in 1634, the Dutch took power on Curacao. Here they mainly used the harbor a lot, so that the city of Willemstad was created at a certain point. Trade flourished and this was also good for Curacao itself. When oil was discovered near Curacao in 1914, the Dutch used Curacao to build oil refineries here, which made many immigrants eager to come to Curacao and the population grew enormously. In addition, the port was perfect for shipping oil tankers and oil from South America to Curacao, after which it was forwarded to Europe.

Although there was a movement after World War II that campaigned for the independence of Curacao and other Caribbean islands, Curacao became the main island of five island groups that fell under the Netherlands. These are known as the Netherlands Antilles. Curacao has a long, unique history and this, along with their culture, they still celebrate every year on October 10th. On this day, you can find various cultural events all over the island. Also, you don’t have to worry about hunger, because there are native dishes everywhere that you can fill yourself with! The Day of Curacao is a holiday that you really have to experience!


Christmas on Curacao

On Curacao people also celebrate Christmas and this is something you really have to experience! In the Netherlands it is very cold every year in winter, although you can of course drink delicious Glühwein at the Christmas markets. When you celebrate Christmas in Curacao, it is a completely different experience! Instead of snow or rain and a lot of wind, you have beautiful beaches on Curacao and the sun shines instead of it being so cold! You can also enjoy cocktails here during the holidays.

As a result, more and more Dutch people choose to celebrate Christmas on Curacao instead of in the Netherlands. In Curacao, Christmas is celebrated in the same, traditional way as we do in the Netherlands. The family gets together and enjoy delicious food. Some dishes that people eat here at Christmas are for example ayaka (meat or chicken in cornmeal dough, folded in banana leaves), pan di jamón (this is Christmas bread with ham) and a drink called ponche crema (this is a kind of eggnog). .

Although no Christmas trees grow on Curacao itself, because of the climate, enough residents on Curacao have a pine tree in their home that they decorate with colorful lights. For example, on Brionplein, in Willemstad , a gigantic Christmas tree is decorated with pink and white lights. In addition, they also illuminate the famous Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, so that you will really notice a wonderful Christmas atmosphere! On Curacao many gardens are decorated with lights, where it is even a little bit of a competition to create the most beautiful Christmas garden in Curacao. It is also immediately noticeable that people live outside a lot on Curacao, because a lot of attention is paid to the Christmas decorations outside. There are also buildings on the island that, just like the gardens, are completely decorated with lights. Thanks to all this, Christmas on Curacao is an unforgettable experience that you really should experience yourself!

And if you are on one of these beautiful holidays in Curacao, we recommend that you take a day trip to the beautiful uninhabited island of Klein Curacao. We at Curacao Trips are happy to take you on this beautiful adventure.

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