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Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao


One of the most beautiful sights on Curacao is the Christoffel Park. This natural paradise is one of the most beautiful places on Curacao and the largest park you will find there. Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao has many different types of animals and all kinds of beautiful plants. Before this was the Christoffel Park, there were once plantations here with a number of beautiful country houses. To create this park, all these plantations have been merged and the whole area has been transformed into a true natural paradise. However, not all country houses have been demolished. A mansion called ‘Savonet’ is still completely intact and at the same time serves as the entrance to the park. Zorgvlied, for example, is still partly preserved, but these are only ruins, although this is also very beautiful to see and view.

The Christoffel Park can be reached from Willemstad. Here you take the Weg naar het Westpunt and during this route you will even partly drive through the Christoffel Park. After driving past Barber, you only have to drive on for a few more miles. At a certain point you will see the entrance of the Christoffel Park on your right where you can buy your tickets. After receiving the entrance tickets, you can drive on to the other side, where the entrance to the Christoffel Park is located.


What to do in the Christoffel Park?

The great thing about an excursion to the Christoffel Park is that you can choose how long you want to be there. You can go to the Christoffel Park for a whole day, but you can also only go for an afternoon, after you have gone to the caves of Hato in the morning, for example.

You can visit the Christoffel Park on foot or by car, it just depends on what you like best. In the Christoffel Park you can walk 8 different routes. The shortest route takes half an hour, while the longest can take up to 3 hours. The route with the best views along the way is the Christoffelberg route and it can take 2 to 3 hours. If you are not the biggest fan of mountains, the Orchid Route might also be a good option for you. There is also a lot to admire here and it only takes 2 hours.

While walking in the Christoffel Park you can also encounter all kinds of different animal species, so don’t be alarmed if a hummingbird suddenly flies past you! It is best to go for a walk early in the morning. This way you have the best chance of encountering many different animal species. This is also a good way to avoid the heat. A long walk is of course a lot more pleasant when it is slightly cooler than in the blazing sun during the hottest part of the day. All the different routes for walking can also be found on the Christoffelpark website.


Discover the Christoffel Park by car

If you prefer not to walk, this is no problem at all in the Christoffel Park. This park offers 3 different routes where you can safely drive on asphalt by car. The routes can vary from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. The first route to follow with your car has 2 variants and this is the mountain route. Another route is the Savonet Plantation and North Coast route. The last route, with an incredibly beautiful view, is the Orchid route. All these routes are very doable, although there is sometimes a bit of a climb. If you prefer not to sit in your car all the time, this is not a problem either, because there are several stops along the way where you can park your car. It is also possible to combine the walking and driving routes. This way you can walk part of the way and then if you are tired you can take the car for the rest of the route. If you are not a fan of walking or visiting the park by car, you can still go by bike and if you prefer to be guided, there are also tours through the Christoffel Park.

If you prefer to visit the Christoffel Park with a guide who can show you all the best places, it is also possible to take a tour through the nature park. Usually you see even more with these tours, because the tour also visits other sights on Curacao at the same time.


Details Christoffel Park

If you are going to visit the Christoffel Park on Curacao, it is important to be well prepared. That is why it is good to know that there are no eating facilities at the park. So make sure you bring your own food with you in advance. Consider a picnic basket for example, because this park offers more than enough places where you can have a nice picnic. It is also important to take more than enough water with you, especially when it is hot. Also make sure you are well protected from the sun, because you burn faster than you think while walking through nature. It is also recommended to wear decent, sturdy walking shoes when walking through the Christoffel Park. On the one hand, this is important against pain in your feet, because a 3-hour walk can be quite long, but it is also important for firmness while walking. This prevents you from hurting yourself while walking and you are less likely to make a mistake.


Visit Christoffel Park with children

The Christoffel Park on Curacao is very easy to visit with children. The car trips are most useful with children, because they can sit here quietly and not get too tired, while still having a good view of all of Christoffel Park. Doing a walking tour with children is also possible, but then you have to take a number of things into account. For example, it can be very hot during the walk, so make sure you are well covered, but that it does not get too hot. And don’t choose too long a trip with small children. While walking a short route you can see more than enough, such as all kinds of insects and lizards. So it is not worth choosing a long route if you have small children with you who tire easily. It is also important to remember that the paths in the Christoffel Park are not intended for buggies or pushchairs.

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