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Day trip to Klein Curacao

What exactly does a day trip to Klein Curacao look like? There are multiple answers to that because there are a number of different types of day trips to Klein Curacao. By now, though, all day trips provide pickup from the hotel. That is, you will be picked up early in the morning and dropped off back at the hotel at the end of the day. When you book a day trip to Klein Curacao online, you can select the hotel where you are staying. Here is also directly indicated at what time the pick up will be. It is also possible to come with your own transportation. The day trips depart from three different ports and there is ample parking at all three.


Day trip to Klein Curacao, the morning.

So a day trip to Klein Curacao always starts very early in the morning. If you want to be picked up and are staying a little further away from the port, this can be as early as 05:45. In fact, most day trips leave between 07:00 and 08:30. Once you arrive at the port, you can check in. While booking online, you have already paid a deposit, you may pay the balance during check-in. When everyone is checked in, we board and depart for Klein Curacao.

There are day trips where you are offered breakfast and something to drink on board, there are also day trips where no breakfast is included at all and there are day trips that serve an extensive breakfast buffet on Klein Curacao itself. These are the tours that have a private beach house on the island.


Lunch during a day trip to Klein Curacao

At noon, all day trips provide a BBQ lunch. BBQ is on the boat or on the island in the beach house. Depending on the Klein Curacao trip you have chosen this will be a fairly simple BBQ lunch or a BBQ lunch DeLuxe which is a lot more elaborate.


The return trip.

Between 15:00 and 16:00, all day trips will depart back to Curacao. If you have chosen a catamaran you might sail back depending on weather conditions. Along the way, there is often a happy hour with fun music and tasty drinks.

Were you picked up at your hotel in the morning? At the port, buses will then be ready to take you back to your hotel.