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Sea turtles on Klein Curacao

Curaçao is a tropical paradise known for its beautiful underwater world. Therefore, it is the place for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. From snorkeling with turtles to swimming with the most beautiful fish and viewing the extraordinary coral. Therefore, if you go to Curaçao, you must have taken a dip in the sea at the many beaches that can be found there. For many, swimming with turtles is an experience you must have done at least once in your life. Curaçao is the ideal destination for that. But where on Curaçao is the best place to spot turtles? We tell you more about it in this blog!

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is the uninhabited island a few kilometers away from Curaçao. Several luxury boats leave for the islands early in the morning every day to spend the whole day there. The island is known for its beautiful white beach and clear azure waters. Besides visiting the lighthouse, the shipwreck and resting a bit on the beach, you can also enjoy yourself in the sea. In fact, Klein Curaçao is known for its extraordinary underwater world. From beautiful fish, beautiful coral and spotting turtles and sometimes even dolphins, it’s all possible. Therefore, the chances of encountering a turtle while snorkeling are very high. So do you want a day out? Then a day trip to Klein Curaçao is definitely worth it!

Playa Grandi

Playa Grandi is a small beach all the way in the West Point of Curaçao. Playa Grandi a very popular beach, despite not being among the most beautiful beaches on the island. In fact, the beach is a real fishing beach. In the early morning, many fishermen leave, only to return later in the day with their catch. The catch is still prepared on the beach for sale and what is left goes back into the sea. Something the turtles in the sea are extremely happy about. Consequently, a large number of turtles can be found on the beach daily, making it a top location to spot turtles and swim with them.

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun, like Playa Grandi, is a small fishing beach. The beach is south of West Point and is located between two large rocks. Because of the rocks, you will find many beautiful fish and coral cover underwater. A place where many turtles come to explore for food. Often the turtles come to find their food between 16:00 and 18:00, the ideal time to go snorkeling! Would you rather not go into the sea? Even then, Playa Lagun is a beautiful beach to visit. In fact, in addition to the beautiful beach, many iguanas can be found among the rocks.

Kokomo Beach

Kokomo Beach is a beach 10 minutes away from Willemstad. It is a smaller beach with a restaurant and some sunbeds where you can relax. There is also a diving school where you can rent snorkel sets. While snorkeling, you can encounter different fish, beautiful coral and turtles. Although Kokomo Beach does have slightly smaller chances than the other beaches, it is well worth a visit!

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