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8x the best things to do in Willemstad


If you are on Curacao, there are of course more than enough things to do. You can enjoy swimming in swimming pools or in the sea. For more relaxation, you can also sunbathe on one of the many beaches on Curacao, such as Grote Knip or you can go snorkeling here at a reef. However, if you want to see a little more, Willemstad is the best place for it. This city has more than enough sights where you can make a pleasant trip with your family. From beautiful buildings or structures to interesting museums; Willemstad has it all.


The Queen Emma Bridge

The Queen Emma Bridge is not just any bridge, but this bridge is the connection between the two city districts Otrobanda and Punda. This bridge is especially unique because it is a floating wooden swing bridge. In fact, it’s the only one in the world of these! When this bridge is open, you can take the ferry to the other side for free. The Queen Emma Bridge is also known as the Pontjesbrug or even the ‘ swinging old lady’ . The bridge is 168 meters long and every day 15,000 pedestrians cross the Queen Emma Bridge. If you are in Willemstad, this is definitely a must-visit place as a tourist.


The Kura Hulanda Museum

If you really want to spend an afternoon at one of Willemstad’s sights, the Kura Hulanda museum is a good idea. In this museum you can learn everything about what it was like on Curacao during the time of slavery. The museum will not only give you more information about the slave trade that happened at the time, but you will also have to deal with the terrible conditions in which the slaves were forced to live. Although this museum may be moving, it is still important to have seen it. It is best to visit this museum with a guide, which will cost you only about 5 Antillean guilders extra. The entrance itself is approximately 17.80 Antillean guilders. The site of the museum is where a slave depot used to be in Otrobanda.


The Handelskade

The Handelskade is a very famous place in Willemstad. Even people who have never been to Willemstad, or even Curacao, will recognize all the colorful buildings that can be found here. The Penha building is the most famous and striking building here. This building, which you can also take beautiful pictures with, is bright yellow and was once built to be used as a trading house. Today it still stands and is a classy perfumery, where you do not have to pay tax on the products you buy there. The Handelskade is one of the must-sees in Willemstad.


The Queen Juliana Bridge

The Queen Emma Bridge is not the only impressive bridge you can visit in Willemstad. The Queen Juliana Bridge is another bridge that, like the Queen Emma Bridge, connects the Punda and Otrobanda districts. However, with this bridge you can go to the other side by car and it is only intended for car traffic. In this way it is always easy to travel between Punda and Otrobanda. This bridge was officially opened on April 30, 1974, although it has been in use since March 2, 1974. The Queen Juliana Bridge is the highest bridge that can be found in the Caribbean and is an impressive 56.4 meters high!


Mambo Beach

This beach is just about the most famous beach of Curacao for tourists. Mambo Beach , also known as Seaquarium Beach, even has a boulevard, Mambo Beach Boulevard, with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Mambo Beach is popular with tourists, among other things because of the nightlife on this beach. There are more than enough parties every night with happy hours of course! However, there is also plenty to do here during the day. You can eat well, shop, swim in the beautiful sea or relax on the beautiful sandy beach. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas here that you can use to completely relax. Mambo Beach is only 10 minutes from Willemstad, so you can always get there quickly.


Fort Beekenburg

This fortress is also called ‘The Castle’ on Curacao. Fort Beekenburg can be found on the Caracasbaai and was built in 1703 so that it could defend the Spanish Water. The tower of Fort Beekenburg has a unique irrigation system, which means that when it rains, water is collected in rainwater channels on the tower. After this, this water is collected in a reservoir and people always had water in the fort. It was also not possible for visitors to view Fort Beekenburg for a while. Shell had built an oil terminal on Curacao in 1927 and this was located near Fort Beekenburg. The fort used to be located on the property of Shell, but from 2005 the government of Curacao repossessed this terrain and so Fort Beekenburg reopened to the public.



Pietermaai is a neighborhood in Curacao. At first people wanted to avoid this area as far as possible and it was very dangerous here. However, Pietermaai is now known for being one of the nicest neighborhoods that can be found on Curacao! Pietermaai offers all kinds of nice restaurants, hotels and bars. Pietermaai is especially suitable for tourists who love the nightlife with a vibrant nightlife every night. Pietermaai is a cozy neighborhood where you really have to go when you are on Curacao.


reef fortress

Just like the Handelskade, the Rif Fort in Curacao is also a beautiful place, especially for taking pictures. Originally the Rif fortress was a fortress to defend the island against pirates. This fortress was built in 1828 with coral walls up to 1.5 meters long with 56 cannons. Today, the Rif fortress can still be visited, but as a shopping center. There is also a casino next to the shopping center and there is always more than enough to do here, for example in terms of entertainment which is almost always there. For a fun afternoon of shopping, Rif fort is the perfect place to go!

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