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Grote Knip Curacao, the most authentic beach of Curacao


When you go to Curacao, of course you want to go to the beach. In fact, Curacao is known for having several beautiful and large sandy beaches across the island. For example, there is Mambo Beach or Playa Porto Marie, but the most authentic beach in Curacao is really Grote Knip. On this beach there are no large beach bars or luxurious sunbeds yet, but instead mostly rocks and lots of sand. This beach also attracts many locals from Curacao who come here every weekend by car or motorcycle. Grote Knip is beautiful and even from the parking lot you have a great view of this authentic sandy beach!

The water at this beautiful beach is bright blue and great for swimming. Also, Big Knip has a number of cliffs that, if you dare, you may dive from. This is a great experience for somewhat daredevils and is therefore very popular among young people in Curacao. They regularly dive off this. If you like snorkeling, this beach also has something else to offer you. Not only can you dive off cliffs and swim in beautiful, bright blue water, but you can also swim to the reef and go snorkeling here. This way you can admire all the beauty of this sea even better! However, this reef is quite a bit off the beach, so be prepared that you will have to swim for a while.


More about Grote Knip

This beach is probably the most famous beach on the entire island, but is also the farthest away from Willemstad. Also called Kenepa Grandi, this beautiful beach is located near Kleine Knip. In addition, at many beaches in Curacao you have to pay for access which is a shame, because everyone should be able to visit these beautiful beaches. Grote Knip, on the other hand, is fortunately free! This is also one of the many reasons locals go there every weekend. It is always very cozy with the locals there on the beach and this is also one of the reasons why the beach is so authentic! However, there are no large beach bars either, which is why the locals bring their own food and drinks. They also often enjoy an evening BBQ on Big Knip. There is a wonderful atmosphere on this authentic beach and everyone who goes to Curacao must have been here at least once! Grote Knip is also known for the fine sand that lies there and the beautiful blue sea so it really is a true picture. There is even a raft in the middle of the water. This is great for relaxing after snorkeling at the reef, for example. There is most certainly something for everyone at Big Knip! Other than swimming, snorkeling or relaxing on the raft, of course, you can always lie in the sun on the beautiful sandy beach and sunbathe. A trip to Big Knip is suitable for everyone and always promises to be a wonderful day!

Grote Knip, of course, is quite a distance from Willemstad. For example, from Willemstad to Grote Knip is 40 minutes away by car. Do not be sad, however, because this trip is not that bad. On the way to the beach, you will still be able to see all kinds of sights of the island. In Curacao you always feast your eyes! Once you arrive at the beach, you and your family can relax and unwind for a while. However, be sure not to forget to take another photo of Grote Knip from the parking lot at the top. Not only is this a beautiful photo, of course, but it is also instant proof that you have visited Curacao’s most famous and popular beach, Grote Knip. However, it is not only well-known and popular, but also the most authentic, which makes it so special.


Experience Grote Knip

There is a lot to do at Big Knip and it has everything needed for a great getaway. It is also quite practical to visit. Although it may be 40 minutes from Willemstad, however, the trip is an experience in itself and flies by in no time, there is more than enough space in the beach parking lot to park the car. There is also surveillance on the beach so you can feel safe and the beach itself is quite clean. Unfortunately, there are no showers on the beach, but fortunately there are toilets. So Big Knip is also completely suitable to come to with the children.

The beach also has sunbeds and umbrellas so you can relax there. It is a sandy beach with beautiful bright blue water in the sea. There are places to eat and drink here, but on the other hand it is certainly possible to bring your own. One small drawback, for some at least, is that the beach can be quite crowded, especially on weekends. However, this is more than compensated by how cozy it is on the beach. A lot of locals can also be found there and many people often have a nice BBQ there.


Grote Knip vs. Mambo Beach

Although Grote Knip is an incredibly popular beach in Curacao, Mambo Beach is also popular with tourists. This beach is located in the landscaped Sea Aquarium Beach, where you can also find the Curacao Sea Aquarium. It is possible to swim with dolphins here and the beach is a great place to go out! This beach is somewhat more luxurious than Grote Knip. For example, stores have been constructed and performances are often held by well-known artists. There are also several lounge areas on this beach. If you compare Mambo Beach to Grote Knip, they are two very different beaches, although both are wildly popular. If you are especially interested in a beach with luxury facilities or love Curacao nightlife, Mambo Beach is the right beach for you. In contrast, Grote Knip is great for people who like to mingle with the locals, like a slightly quieter beach, and people who like to visit an authentic Curacao beach, rather than one that is completely filled with stores.

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