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Hotel hotspots: the best places for your vacation on Curaçao

Do you want to go on vacation to Curaçao and are you curious about the best places to stay in a hotel? This island offers luxury, nature, beaches and great cuisine you won’t get enough of. Curaçao is a very popular island among the Dutch. Why that is? You’ll have to discover that for yourself! We’ll help you decide where you want to stay.


Jan Thiel

Do you fancy a vacation at a luxury resort? Or do you want to rent a villa with a group of friends? Then Jan Thiel is a perfect place. This area is located on the beach, where you will find plenty of restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine until late at night. If you’re looking to party, Jan Thiel is also an excellent location. On weekends, there is often live music or a local DJ playing. Every weekend is made into a big party every time. Jan Thiel consists mainly of accommodations. A small disadvantage for the shopaholics among us: Jan Thiel is located somewhat out of the way of nice stores and therefore you are a little longer on your way during a day of shopping.


Mambo Beach

This famous beach is a favorite spot for many tourists. Visit Mambo Beach and rent a beach bed to unwind. Once you’ve had enough of the sun again, you can go shopping in the boutiques or have a drink on the terrace. So there is a lot of sociability to be found here. Mambo Beach is the ideal place if you are looking for a hip neighborhood with lots of amenities. There is a lot of choice as far as restaurants are concerned. The popular Mambo Beach can be quite crowded, but you also have less crowded beaches nearby.



The latest Curaçao deals point mainly to Willemstad. This is the capital of the island. In Willemstad you will find the famous Handelskade, where you can discover a piece of history. Today, the warehouses have been replaced with colorful buildings that symbolize the island. Willemstad has several neighborhoods, all very nice to stay in. Everywhere you will find stores, restaurants and conviviality. The capital is therefore the best place for shopping and strolling through pleasant streets. A hotel in the capital is a great idea for people who like to get away from the hustle and bustle.



This area is perfect for people looking for nature. Unlike other well-known beaches, the Great Knip is free to visit. Therefore, you will find many locals here. The Great Knip is a beautiful beach surrounded by rocks and forest. The beach is located on the west coast of the island. Book a stay near this beach and you are guaranteed to enjoy nature and one of the most beautiful beaches. In addition, in Westpunt you will also find authentic villages, a national park and more beautiful beaches.


Getting travel-happy?

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