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Why you should get a room at the Papagayo Beach Resort

If you go on a vacation to Curacao, you obviously need an accommodation to stay in during your well-deserved vacation. There is a resort in Curacao called the Papagayo Beach Resort. This resort is somewhat smaller than most hotels with ‘only’ 77 rooms/apartments, but this does not detract from the quality of the resort. Here you and possibly your family have everything you need to completely relax. Papagayo Beach Resort offers all kinds of things and is suitable for many different types of vacations. For example, it is the destination if you want an active holiday, but at the same time it also offers an oasis of peace if you really want to relax and do nothing at all.

The facilities of the Papagayo Beach Resort

The Papagayo Beach resort offers its guests everything they need for the ultimate vacation. So it’s no problem if you have some work to do or if you like to spend time on the internet, because this resort offers WiFi in both the room and the public area. This way you always have WiFi and you don’t have to miss anything! The resort also has a reception where you can ask all your questions during your stay. The resort also has a garden that is very nice to take a quiet walk every now and then. In addition, the resort also has a parking lot next to the unit. Finally, the resort offers additional facilities for a fee. For example, the Papagayo Beach Resort has a laundry service and a dry cleaning service. Especially ideal if you accidentally spill something on your clothes during your holiday!

During your stay at the Papagayo Beach Resort you don’t have to worry about what you can eat. The resort has 2 à la carte restaurants. There is the Resort Restaurant and this is more of a grill restaurant for the whole family. There is also the Papagayo Beach Club, for a slightly more casual dining out. Would you like to have a drink during your holiday? This is no problem at all! The Papagayo Beach Resort has its own bar called Papagayo Beach Club. This bar also has a juice bar, so something for everyone!

If you go on vacation to Curacao and stay at the Papagayo Beach Resort, you are sure of a perfect vacation! This resort is only 75 meters from the beach and has, among other things, a beach club here, so that you will never be bored. On the beach there are also sunbeds on which you can sunbathe or umbrellas with which you can shelter from the sun if, for example, you burn quickly. They also offer bath towels here so you can always dry yourself after taking a dip in the sea! At the Papagayo Beach Resort, they go above and beyond to make sure every guest has a good time. Lazing around and pure relaxation is not all this resort has to offer, however. For the more active holidaymaker, there are also fitness facilities available at the resort. This way you can still stay in shape during your vacation. Or burn the fat that you usually get during a holiday. Of course there is also more than enough to do. For example, you can go jogging in the park or along the beach or swim in the sea or in one of the two swimming pools.

Papagayo Beach Resort Pool

When you stay at the Papagayo Beach Resort during your vacation in Curacao, you can also swim as much as you want! To start with, the resort is of course only 75 meters away from the beach. This way you can always take a dip in the sea or sunbathe on the beach. An afternoon or day at the beach is also great fun for families with children. For example, the parents can relax in the sun, while the children build sand castles. If you are not a fan of the sea or the beach or if you just want a bit of variety, the Papagayo Beach Resort also has 2 outdoor swimming pools to offer to its guests. Also, these are two completely different pools. The first pool is that of the Papagayo Beach Resort and has fresh water. The second outdoor pool the resort has to offer is the saltwater Papagayo Beach Club. This may take some getting used to at first, but you will soon see that this bath is just as relaxing as the fresh water pool. Children have also been thought of here, as there is also a children’s pool for families who come with children. You also don’t necessarily have to swim if you go to the pool with your family. The Papagayo Beach Resort offers beach towels and sunbeds to its guests, where you can relax or sunbathe. There is also a sun terrace at the Papagayo Beach Resort if you really want to tan a bit.

The location of the Papagayo Beach Resort

Although this resort is a bit further from the center of Willemstad, 10 kilometers to be exact, at the Papagayo Beach Resort you don’t really have the idea that you have ended up in the middle of nowhere . There is a bus stop just 75 meters away, just like the beach, and the supermarket is only 75 meters away. From Hato International Airport it is only 19 kilometers to the Papagayo Beach Resort.

Papagayo Beach Resort Excursions

During your vacation on Curacao it is recommended to rent a car, with which you can visit all kinds of different sights. You can also easily take the bus to Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. So there are more than enough excursions you can go to from the Papagayo Beach Resort. Try the caves of Hato or the famous Penha building in Willemstad. You can easily get here by taking the bus, renting a car or simply arranging other transport.

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