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The best diving vacation takes you to Curacao


All over the world you can find wonderful places to dive. Discovering this enchanting underwater world is a dream for many people. From the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the clear blue sea of Curaçao, some places are more beautiful than others. As beautiful as all these places are, the most beautiful diving vacation still really takes you to Curaçao. But what if you’ve never taken a dip in the deep blue sea? And what does diving actually cost? Let us take you into the fairytale world of the most colorful tropical fish, giant sea turtles and exceptionally beautiful coral reefs. We explain where to go for the most beautiful dive sites and how to get your Curacao diving license.


Diving school Curaçao

Have you never dived before? Then Curaçao is the perfect place to learn it! The snow-white beaches, gently swaying palm trees and clear blue sea are already beautiful from land, but underwater a whole new world opens up to you. An undiscovered world lies at your feet and awaits true adventurers like you. Because Curaçao has virtually no strong currents, clear water and year-round warmth, it is the perfect place to learn to dive. But for this you will first have to find a diving school in Curaçao. Fortunately, this is not so difficult, as there are several good diving schools to be found on this tropical island. For example, Scuba Lodge Dive Center Pietermaai. In small groups you will learn everything you need to know about diving. The personal attention and the peace and calmness with which they teach you to dive is an absolute must. They will take you to beautiful locations and dive into the magnificent depths with you. There are still several diving schools where you can take (multi-day) courses, so you can dive confidently into the underwater world.


What does diving in Curacao cost?

But what does diving in Curacao actually cost? That’s entirely up to you. Learning to dive in a pool is cheaper than seeking the open water. You have half-day courses that include learning how to breathe underwater. But you also have multi-day courses where you will visit magnificent dive sites with your instructor. So learning to dive can be made as expensive or cheap as you want. We recommend that you study the different diving schools carefully and see what you would like to learn. Keep in mind that it will cost a few hundred euros if you are looking for a really good diving instructor. You can also get a diving license at several diving schools. Again, keep in mind that it can easily cost a few hundred euros.


Where can you dive on Curacao?

We mentioned it before: for the most beautiful diving vacation you have to go to Curaçao. Why? Because you have countless wonderful dive sites here for every level of experience. A real gem is Playa Kalki. Here you will find beautiful coral formations and magnificent tropical fish nibbling at your legs during your dive. After the dive, you can rest and enjoy the sun on the beautiful white sandy beach. Porto Marie is also a unique place to dive. And for beginners, this is highly recommended! Extra special about this place is that you can spot rare fish.

And then, of course, Klein Curacao. This idyllic uninhabited island is a paradise on earth. Not only the island, but also its underwater world is enchanting. The chance of swimming a bit together with a turtle is very high at this place! An impressive experience you won’t soon forget!

Are there people in your party who prefer not to dive? The places mentioned also offer excellent snorkeling. Snorkeling does not allow you to go as far underwater as diving, but it is not always necessary. The enchantingly beautiful underwater world is also great to explore with snorkeling. We can take you on one of our beautiful boats to Klein Curaçao. You will have plenty of time to explore the island and its underwater world. Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We like to tell you where to go for the most beautiful dive sites on Curaçao and her little brother Klein Curaçao.