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The best tips for your vacation to Curacao

Pearly white beaches, palm trees and an azure ocean… This sounds like a paradise from a fairy tale, but it is reality in Curaçao.

Are you going on vacation to this beautiful island soon? In this article we give you the tips to make your vacation to Curacao unforgettable, from an excursion to Klein Curacao to visiting Willemstad.

Excursion to Klein Curacao

An excursion to Klein Curacao should definitely not be missed during your trip to Curaçao. Klein Curaçao is a small uninhabited island just off the coast of Curaçao. The island has an area of only 1.7 square kilometers. No human influences can be seen on the island, meaning there is no infrastructure or other facilities. This purity gives the island something magical. An excursion to Klein Curacao is perfect for diving and snorkeling. In fact, there are beautiful coral reefs to be seen. The excursion to Klein Curacao can be done by boat. There are several types of boats on which you can take an excursion to Klein Curacao. Will you choose a luxury yacht, or a catamaran after all? A lot is possible with us!

Salt pans by Jan Kock

Are you interested in the history of the West India Company? Then a visit to the salt flats is well worth it. Salt was harvested on the salt pans by the many slaves. Today, salt is no longer extracted, but the salt pans are the habitat of flamingos looking for food. So the chances of encountering these magnificent animals during a visit to the salt flats are considerably high.

Ostrich Farm

In Santa Catharina you will find the largest ostrich farm in Curaçao. This ostrich farm is especially popular among children. During a tour on a safari truck, you will learn all about ostriches. At the end of the ride, you can feed the ostriches. Finally, you can stand on an ostrich egg. Don’t worry, the egg won’t break because ostrich eggs are incredibly strong.

Beaches and coves

Curaçao has plenty of beautiful beaches and coves where you can enjoy the sun and sea. We recommend renting a car so you can explore the island on your own. This will undoubtedly lead you to one of the many lovely beaches and coves. When you’ve seen enough, you can just drive on.


Finally, the capital, of course. About 140 thousand residents live in Willemstad, which is 95 percent of the island’s entire population. Willemstad is perhaps best known for its colored houses and the Pontjesbrug. There is a cozy atmosphere in the city and plenty to do. From enjoying culinary delights in restaurants to looking around museums, a visit to Willemstad is well worth it! And don’t forget to take photos at the well-known Dushi of Curaçao letters, capturing your unforgettable trip to Willemstad!