Fuikdag is the most fun party in Curacao

Fuikdag is the most fun party in Curacao Every year a great party takes place on Curacao called Fuikdag! This party is the coziest party in Curacao for good reasons. This celebration takes place every year on the first Sunday of the new year. Although this party once started as a small party with three boats with some friends, it is now a huge event on the water! The reason this celebration is called Fuikdag is because Fuik is the name of the bay where the celebration takes place. What is Fuikdag and how do you celebrate it? During Fuikdag,

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christoffelpark curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao   One of the most beautiful sights on Curacao is the Christoffel Park. This natural paradise is one of the most beautiful places on Curacao and the largest park you will find there. Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao has many different types of animals and all kinds of beautiful plants. Before this was the Christoffel Park, there were once plantations here with a number of beautiful country houses. To create this park, all these plantations have been merged and the whole area has been transformed into a true natural paradise. However, not all

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penha building curacao

The special Penha building in Curacao

The special Penha building on Curacao One of the most impressive sights on Curacao is the Penha building. This building is very special and you will notice it as soon as you see it for the first time. The building does not appear to be ‘real’. By this I mean that it mostly resembles a real-life dollhouse, although it was meant to be a real house to live in. This is mainly due to the yellow color that covers the entire building and the beautiful, ornate moldings it has. The Penha building in Curacao is a place you should definitely

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grotten van Hato

Caves of Hato on Curacao

Caves of Hato on Curacao   Are you going on vacation to Curacao and are you looking for something fun to do? Then visit the caves of Hato! These caves are one of the nicest sights of Curacao. In these grounds you can see not only stalagmites and stalactites, but even petroglyphs, subterranean lakes and bats. You can see all this in the caves of Hato during a tour of one of the experienced guides. They can also tell you more about how the caves developed and will tell you more about the history and myths of the caves. In

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dolphins swim curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao   Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Or at least simply want to experience dolphins closer? On the beautiful island of Curacao, your dream can come true! In fact, this island is home to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, where you can do all kinds of things with and learn about dolphins! Here you also do not necessarily have to swim with dolphins if you prefer not to, as the Dolphin Academy Curacao offers many more activities related to dolphins. If you go to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, you will experience

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stranden curacao

The top 10 most beautiful beaches of Curaçao

The top 10 most beautiful beaches of Curaçao   Curaçao, a beautiful small island in the southern Caribbean Sea. A country that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and therefore a great vacation destination for many Dutch people. The temperatures are wonderful throughout the four seasons and it is a paradise of beautiful beaches, the most beautiful views and an abundance of culture. Are you planning a vacation to Curaçao? And want to enjoy the island’s most beautiful beaches? In this blog you will read all about the most beautiful beaches of Curacao where you can have a

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The fascinating history of Curacao

The fascinating history of Curacao   Curacao is an island with an incredibly long and fascinating history. From the original inhabitants, the Indians, and the Spaniards to the Dutch who have ruled over the country. The name Curacao itself is already special, although one is not sure where the name comes from. There are no fewer than 5 different theories about this. The name may be derived from the name the Native Americans gave to this island, but it may also come from the Portuguese word ‘cura’, which means ‘healing’ in Dutch. It is also possible that Curacao comes from

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papagayo beach resort

Why you should get a room at the Papagayo Beach Resort

Why you should get a room at the Papagayo Beach Resort If you go on a vacation to Curacao, you obviously need an accommodation to stay in during your well-deserved vacation. There is a resort in Curacao called the Papagayo Beach Resort. This resort is somewhat smaller than most hotels with ‘only’ 77 rooms/apartments, but this does not detract from the quality of the resort. Here you and possibly your family have everything you need to completely relax. Papagayo Beach Resort offers all kinds of things and is suitable for many different types of vacations. For example, it is the

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Tropische lunch op het strand

Looking for a restaurant in Willemstad? 5x the best places

The 5 Best Willemstad Restaurants When you go on holiday to Curaçao, a visit to the capital of the island should not be missed. Willemstad is the largest city in the Lesser Antilles and there is therefore plenty to do. We have already explained all this in our blog “8x the best things to do in Willemstad” . But during such a day in Willemstad, a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner should not be missed. That is why we are going to tell you more about the best restaurants in Willemstad! Scuba Lodge We have already told you a bit

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eten op curacao

Top 5 nicest places to eat on Curacao

Top 5 nicest places to eat on Curacao   Curacao is one of the most popular holiday destinations and for good reason. The snow-white beaches of Klein Curacao , palm trees and azure blue sea ensure that you imagine yourself in a beautiful paradise for a while. After a busy day of excursion or a day of doing absolutely nothing, you also want to enjoy the culinary Curacao. We tell you everything you need to know about food and drink on Curacao and have listed the 5 best restaurants in Curacao for you.   What does eating out on Curacao

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Klein Curacao