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The uninhabited island of Klein Curacao

Little Curacao, a Caribbean pearl

Little Curacao, a Caribbean pearl Looking for a place where you do not have to share the beach with countless tourists and where your view is not obstructed by hotels or beach chairs? Klein Curacao is an uninhabited paradise where you will experience the ultimate Robinson feeling! Except for a few beach huts and a lighthouse, the island is completely unspoiled. Exactly what you imagine a tropical, Caribbean island to be. The place was named the most beautiful beach in Curacao by Lonely Planet. So a day trip to this lovely island is a great idea during your stay in Curacao. Enjoy

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The beach of Klein Curacao

The beach of Klein Curacao

The enchanting beach of Klein Curacao The Caribbean is known for its enchanting beaches, and Klein Curacao is no exception. This beach has been named the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean several times. Therefore, with its vast coastline and crystal clear waters, Klein Curacao beach offers an unforgettable experience for anyone looking for a paradise getaway. The beach at Klein Curacao stretches for miles of sandy beaches that stretch out like an endless sea of white sand. The white sand of this beach is so fine and soft that it feels like silk under your feet. It is the

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These are the holidays of Curacao

These are the holidays of Curacao   Curacao, of course, like other countries, has a number of holidays each year. They obviously celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, for example, but what other holidays do they have in Curacao? And when are these holidays? Below are some of Curacao’s holidays that you should really go celebrate there!   Carnival on Curacao Although Carnival is a well-known festival celebrated in North Brabant and Limburg, a lot of people in the Netherlands do not know Carnival. This is a celebration with all kinds of beautiful or colorful costumes, parades and lots of

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Blue room

Blue Room Curacao

The Blue Room/Blauwe Kamer, a wondrous underwater cave on Curacao   The History of the Blue Room The name “Blue Room” comes from the brilliant blue glow that illuminates the water in the cave. According to indigenous legends, the cave once served as a sacred place where spiritual rituals were performed. Local populations saw it as a gateway to another world, where gods and spirits resided. Throughout history, the Blue Room was also used by sailors and pirates as a hideout and a secret repository for their booty. The Geology of the Blue Room The Blue Room, like other limestone

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christoffelpark curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao

Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao   One of the most beautiful sights on Curacao is the Christoffel Park. This natural paradise is one of the most beautiful places on Curacao and the largest park you will find there. Nature paradise Christoffel Park on Curacao has many different types of animals and all kinds of beautiful plants. Before this was the Christoffel Park, there were once plantations here with a number of beautiful country houses. To create this park, all these plantations have been merged and the whole area has been transformed into a true natural paradise. However, not all

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dolphin swimming curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao

Here you can swim with dolphins on Curacao   Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Or at least simply want to experience dolphins closer? On the beautiful island of Curacao, your dream can come true! In fact, this island is home to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, where you can do all kinds of things with and learn about dolphins! Here you also do not necessarily have to swim with dolphins if you prefer not to, as the Dolphin Academy Curacao offers many more activities related to dolphins. If you go to the Dolphin Academy Curacao, you will experience

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Big Cut

Grote Knip Curacao, the most authentic beach of Curacao

Grote Knip Curacao, the most authentic beach of Curacao   When you go to Curacao, of course you want to go to the beach. In fact, Curacao is known for having several beautiful and large sandy beaches across the island. For example, there is Mambo Beach or Playa Porto Marie, but the most authentic beach in Curacao is really Grote Knip. On this beach there are no large beach bars or luxurious sunbeds yet, but instead mostly rocks and lots of sand. This beach also attracts many locals from Curacao who come here every weekend by car or motorcycle. Grote

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grotten van Hato

Caves of Hato on Curacao

Caves of Hato on Curacao   Are you going on vacation to Curacao and are you looking for something fun to do? Then visit the caves of Hato! These caves are one of the nicest sights of Curacao. In these grounds you can see not only stalagmites and stalactites, but even petroglyphs, subterranean lakes and bats. You can see all this in the caves of Hato during a tour of one of the experienced guides. They can also tell you more about how the caves developed and will tell you more about the history and myths of the caves. In

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stranden curacao

The top 10 most beautiful beaches of Curaçao

The top 10 most beautiful beaches of Curaçao   Curaçao, a beautiful small island in the southern Caribbean Sea. A country that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and therefore a great vacation destination for many Dutch people. The temperatures are wonderful throughout the four seasons and it is a paradise of beautiful beaches, the most beautiful views and an abundance of culture. Are you planning a vacation to Curaçao? And want to enjoy the island’s most beautiful beaches? In this blog you will read all about the most beautiful beaches of Curacao where you can have a

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The fascinating history of Curacao

The fascinating history of Curacao   Curacao is an island with an incredibly long and fascinating history. From the original inhabitants, the Indians, and the Spanish to the Dutch who have ruled the land. The name Curacao itself is already special, although one is not sure where the name comes from. There are as many as 5 different theories on this. The name may be derived from the name the Indians gave to this island, or it may come from the Portuguese word “cura,” which is “healing” in Dutch. Thereby, it is also possible that Curacao comes from the Portuguese

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